Teen A Online Shamed Teen B for Hitting Vending Machine. Teen B Then Responds With His Story

Online shaming is something that’s become an expected thing these days. It’s sad, and at times, the facts are twisted so far away from the actual truth, it just does more damage than anything else.

Here’s a perfect example of such a scenario.

A couple of days back, some teenagers were STOMPed for shaking a vending machine to get some coins back. This happened at none other than Edgefield Plains’s Block 126A.

Image: STOMP

Interestingly enough, while there were images to prove it, there wasn’t a video to back up the claim.

In order to shed more truth into what actually happened, another person who was a friend of the teenager came up to state that the teen wasn’t trying to vandalize, but instead giving an auntie a helping hand.

The auntie’s coins had gotten stuck in the vending machine, and all the poor fella was trying to do was help push the coins down the coin chute.

Sigh. And here we were all being so judgemental about it. It feels bad now, when you know the other side of the story, right?

Maybe though, the teen was trying a bit too hard, as scissors came into the picture at one point in the video.

According to the confession by K (Stomp name), he pressed the button for the refund, and when he did this, some of the coins dropped out of the machine.

The auntie has, for some reason, also turned up as a witness to the event, and stated that the teenagers weren’t trying to steal money from the machine, but instead help her out.

Image: STOMP

Oh, and the plot thickens too. The person who did the entire video has beef with the person IN the video who was pushing the coins down the coin slot.

Both the boys and his parents too have come up to say that there were no harsh words thrown at any point.

Now, this has become a M. Night Shyamalan movie.

In a Stomp phone interview, the auntie, who went by the name of Ms Teo, said that she was the auntie who was being helped. All she wanted was a drink, and instead her dollar coin got lodged in the machine. The boys saw what happened and asked if she needed help.

They then obtained a pair of scissors from their buddies and managed to get the S$1 coin back for her. She was very shocked to hear the allegations thrown on the young guys, as these were genuinely nice boys who occasionally talked to her when she bumped into them on the void deck.

To top it all off, the vending machine had apparently been not working for 2 months before this happened. Ms Teo also stated that the boys definitely didn’t kick the vending machine as said by the other man in the STOMP story.

Sigh, so sad to see a helpful incident thrown out of proportion.

Thankfully the story came out from the second party and everything was put into perspective sia.

But…of course, it’s entirely up to you to decide who was in the wrong.

Ultimately, here’s what we think: whoever was telling the truth, the fact of the matter is that online shaming isn’t going to be effective in 2017.

Or so we thought.

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