Thai Woman Joined By Hundreds Of Cockroaches While Having Lunch At a Roadside Stall

Granted, Thailand is known for their plethora of roadside stalls that sell plenty of sumptuous street food.

And honestly, many people would tell you that you haven’t visited Thailand until you’ve tasted these street delights.

Cockroaches started flooding the stall while she was eating

However, one woman’s experience turned for the worst while she was dining at one of the roadside stalls in Thailand.

Apparently, it started raining while Kapong was eating and what she saw next was unlike any other roadside dining experiences she has had.

According to an article by World of Buzz, Kapong snapped some photos of those disgusting, creepy-crawlies after they appeared immediately. Even though her initial intention was to just post them on social media to describe her dining experience, it went viral pretty quickly because well, no one likes cockroaches.

Many news outlet, too, picked up on this news because it was just too disgusting.

However, when asked about her reaction, Kapong calmly replied and said that she still continued with her meal despite such a scene.

She kept on eating even though there were cockroaches crawling all over

In a Facebook post, she allegedly commented,

“This is the most f*cked up dining experience of my life. Sorry for using profanity. While I was eating my delicious noodles, an army of cockroaches, rats and centipedes crawled out of the drains. I was disgusted, but I was hungry.”

“I kept on eating! Who cares! I ate while watching cockroaches on the wall. So freaking delicious!”

Wah, gungho sia this one.

Oh and if you were wondering what she was eating that could have distracted her from such a scene, here you go.

Must have been one hell of a meal. 

However, Kapong insisted that the onset of cockroaches was not caused by the stall’s hygiene. Rather, it was caused by the huge rain which sent these cockroaches fleeing from the dark places that they were hiding at.

Kapong has since made her Facebook profile private.

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