Korea Just Got Closer: A Korea-Themed Mall Just Opened in Thailand

Now you don’t need to fly all the way to Seoul to get your Korea fix. A Thai company just opened massive Korea-themed shopping mall in Bangkok, designed to target both Thai fans of Korean culture and foreign visitors.

image: reuters.com

It’s not exactly news that many Asians are avid fans of anything Korean, and would lap up anything related, like clothing, cosmetics, and food.

The building is a whopping 180,000 square meters, and cost $275 million to construct. Chayaditt Hutanuwatra, chairman of the private-owned SHOW D.C. Corp Ltd, the company behind the mall, hopes that the mall and entertainment complex can attract 10 million visitors per year, and become a major attraction.

Image: bangkok.com

Bangkok was the world’s most visited city last year, so this goal seems quite reasonable.

The mall has statues and palm prints of Korean stars, and is full of Korean brands and K-pop related stores. There’s even a floor in the mall dedicated as a concert hall, for future plans to invite Korean performers over.

Image: bangkok.com

South Korea’s Lotte Group is among the companies opening a store in the mall, according to management.

It’s definitely a lot cheaper to get to Thailand than to Korea, and Korea has basically moved to Thailand now that this mall exists. So fans of K-pop or K-dramas, better note down Bangkok as your next travel destination!

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