The Correct & Simple Way to Clear Your Pores So You Won’t Look Like an Orange Anymore

We all hate pimples and acne breakouts but what’s really worse are those blackheads and whitehead that wouldn’t go away.

In fact, the sizes of these pores could be even more unsightly than pimples.

Enlarged pores make our skin looks much older than it’s supposed to be, taking away the youthful shine from our face.

So, what can we do about it? Use superglue to patch them?

First thing first, we need to understand some basics about our pores. We have a fixed number of pores but the size can be expanded or reduced.

Pores usually expand because our skin is dirty, being covered by dust and whatnot. When they get blocked by all the dirt, they tend to expand.

Thus, people with oily skin get their pores blocked more easily than those without because the facial oil can also block the pores.

Now, fret not: as long as you cleanse your skin correctly daily, your pores will become smaller. 

Do not simply wet your face; put on some cleanser and rinse it off. And it’s not just about cleansing – remember that you have to do it correctly? Here’re five things you’ve got to know, if not your pores will get bigger instead of smaller.

Water Temperature
Some think that hot water is the most effective in dealing with dirt and oily skin, because heat presumably kills germs. Others feel that cold water will definitely reduce the size of our pores, because coldness contracts.

Well, here’re the facts: Hot water actually doesn’t make much of a difference and cold water can irritate your skin.

What is suggested by dermatologists is to wash with water that has a temperature that is slightly higher than your hands. A simple way to test out the temperature is to test it with your wrist. Water temperature that’s comfortable for your wrist will be just right for your face.

There’s, of course, no need for a thermometer lah.

Removing makeup
Do always remember to remove makeup because it has been blocking your pores the whole time you were wearing it, and any residue left on your skin will only make your pores even bigger.

I know saying this is redundant, but for the sake of the laziest women out there, here goes: don’t sleep without your makeup on, even if you’re drunk. You’re going to regret it for days or even months.

While you can’t do this every day, it is good to have a habit of exfoliation twice every week. Not only does this clear away dead skin and dirt, it deep cleanses your skin and helps it breathe.

Cold toner
Place your toner in the fridge (not the freezer!). With a cotton pad, put some toner on it and place it over the area with large pores for a while. This will quickly reduce your pore size temporarily – perfect for a date when you’ve had large pores!

Cold towel
Place a clean towel in the fridge and put it over your face for a few seconds after cleansing. The cold towel won’t irritate your skin, and it makes you feel good, too!

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This article was first published on in 2015 and revised on 12 July 2017.

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