The Correct Way to Breathe During a 2.4 km IPPT Run for NSmen to Ace Their IPPT

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With the new IPPT system, more people are now more motivated to pass their IPPT as it is relatively easier.

While the training for push-ups and sit-ups are pretty clear-cut, the 2.4 km run requires both training and also the correct technique to score.

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This suggestion is made by various PTIs (they’re now called fitness specialists), but it really depends on your own preferences, so don’t set this in stone.

Instead, if you don’t really know the breathing technique in a run, this may come in handy since it’ll at least give you some direction. The run usually comprises six rounds, with each round at 400 m.

The very first thing that you have to do is to know exactly what timing you want to achieve. Let’s say your target is 12 minutes, so each round should be 2 minutes. Don’t try to run faster than 2 minutes (even if you think you can), because you’ll lose your energy and motivation faster. Instead, keep your pace constant—very, very constant.

In the first three rounds, you can breathe in through your nose and out through your nose. The reason is simple: you’re just starting out, so you should have so much energy that the rounds are merely a “warm-up” session.

Later, in the last three rounds, you may want to inhale through your nose and exhale through your mouth. When you exhale with your mouth, you can let out more air due to the size of your mouth (obviously bigger than your nose, right?), and therefore expelling the carbon dioxide in your body faster.

So, if our mouth is bigger, why not just breathe through our mouth the entire run? The key reason is dryness: if you breathe entirely through your mouth, your mouth will be so dry that even swallowing will make you cough and choke.

Throughout the run, the time you take to inhale and exhale should be consistent—if you take one second to inhale, and half a second to exhale, then this should be how you breathe throughout.

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The only time that you can mess up your breathing is the final sprint when you just go all out and even forget that you’re breathing.

So, next time when you’re training, why not just take note of your breathing? Not only will it make your breathing better, but it will take the pain off your body as your focus is on your nose and mouth!

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