There’s Going to be a TV Show Called Lazy Rich Asians


You didn’t read it wrong; there’s gonna be a TV show called Lazy Rich Asians (?), and it will be loosely based on the popular popcorn flick of (almost) the same name.

Just makes you think you can really make a parody of out of anything, huh?

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Why go crazy when you can just be lazy?

What happens when a film no one had any real expectations of, defies all odds to top the box office chart for three weeks straight and gross more than $164.3 million worldwide on a budget of $30 million?

You jump on the bandwagon, of course.

And indeed, that’s what ABC network is clearly intending to do, having handed out a script-plus-penalty commitment for an untitled comedy from writer Jessica Gao.

Gao, who recently took home the best-animated program Emmy for her work on the Pickle Rick of Adult Swim’s Rick and Morty, had pitched an untitled script as Lazy Rich Asians.


Most original idea evar. A solid 30/10 – iMBb

Tentative plot

Image: vox

The movie might have focussed on a young American-born Chinese and her torrid relationship with her wealthy boyfriend’s family in Singapore, but it seems that the TV version is making some pretty significant changes to the storyline.

According to, the single-camera project will pan around Janet Zhao, a first-generation Chinese-American woman who struggles to cope with her “crazy, exhausting family”.

When her wealthy grandmother passes and names Janet the sole inheritor, Janet will have to contend with being an unwilling matriarch of the family she has spent her life trying to keep at bay.

Now I might be no professional comedian scriptwriter with Emmy-nominated programmes.

But even I can tell that the premise is pretty darn interesting. And with the whole Asian-American fever still running high, I really doubt that the show will be a flop.

But to be fair, the Star Wars flick Solo kinda flopped. So…

Behind the scenes

A good script might set the base, but if the rest of the production crew’s akin to the one which worked on Avatar: The Last Airbender, you kind of not look forward to the results.

Thankfully for the thirsty audience out there, the production seems to be in pretty safe hands.

Gao will pen the script and executive produce the CBS Television Studios and Imagine TV effort, alongside the latter company’s Brian Grazer, Francie Calfo and Samie Kim Falvey.

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Crazy Rich Asians

The box office success, which collected a whopping $135.8 million domestically, has paved the way for other Asian-American-fronted TV and movie projects, and assisted in the revival of the rom-com genre.

Image: Digital Spy

Incidentally, you can catch this two-minute walkthrough of the movie if you haven’t. While satirical at times, I find it to be a pretty accurate representation of the movie as a whole.

Although I’m still shocked to find out that the huge-ass estate with glittering lights and all wasn’t actually filmed in Singapore.

What a gawddamn plot twist. 

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