We Tried Texas Chicken’s ‘KFC’. Here’s Our Verdict

In case you live under a rock or have never been to anywhere else to eat other than hawker centres, KFC stands for Korean Fried Chicken.

Image: thefinder.com.sg

In all its redness glory with sweet and spicy taste, most Singaporeans would’ve tried this at least once in their lives.

For me, it’s a Korean pop culture worth following. That and Korean girl groups.

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But that’s a story for another day.

So when we heard that Texas Chicken, an American fried chicken chain, is selling Korean Fried Chicken

Image: texaschicken.com.sg

We knew we had to check it out. Immediately.

By the way, this isn’t a sponsored post although Texas Chicken, you’re more than welcome to approach us, yeah?

Image: Autodo

And it’s super-Korean

It’s good. Legit good.

Image: giphy.com

For someone who’s a hardcore fan of Chicken Up, that’s the highest possible compliment you can get.

Texas Chicken’s fried chicken has always been good. But add the Korean Fried Chicken sauce to it and you’ll find it upped to the next level.

Better than their biscuit, even.

Image: volnation.com

That crispy skin coupled with the sweet and savoury sauce will make even the healthiest person finish the skin. #NotExaggerating

That and the juiciness of the meat is enough to make it a winner.

I’m talking juicy chicken bites with tangy Korean sauce.

Image: operationtubetop.blogspot.com

But there’s a disappointment within all that goodness.

But there’s a flip side.

Image: knowyourmeme.com

They marketed it as Hot Korean Fried Chicken but I’ll be honest with you.

It’s not spicy. At all.

Perfect for those like a certain male colleague in the Goody Feed office who has no tolerance towards spiciness at all.

Although he did complain about it being spicy after eating a piece of it.

Image: imgflip.com

Texas Chicken released curly fries along with their Korean Fried Chicken.

Since why not, right?

And to put it in the gentlest way possible, I’d sincerely prefer McDonald’s twister fries to theirs.

Luckily, their biscuit is just as good as ever.

Overall verdict?

I’ve tried it and I’m willing to get it a second time. Minus the curly fries, of course. I’ll figure out if I can change it to all biscuits.

Just go try it one, it’s pretty good and two, it’s Texas Chicken selling Korean Fried Chicken.

Let us know how you find the chicken after you’ve tried it!

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Feature Image: texaschicken.com.sg

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