The True Story of This Creepy Image Isn’t That Creepy After All

Tell me you’re not creeped out by this photo. There are some photos out there that just gives you the shivers when you look at them. And the worst thing is, you’ll find yourself peering over a shoulder when you’re in a similar setting. 

 The Ghost with a Broken Neck

This image that has caused many people sleepless nights featured a female audience on a TV show. To be exact, a Japanese psychic TV show. 

If you were to look carefully at the picture, none of the females in the audience seem to think that anything is wrong despite her ghastly white face and twisted neck. It’s as though they could not see her at all. 

The photo went on to become a famous ghost photo in Japan. It was seen on several paranormal magazines and TV shows. 


Are you as creeped out by the image as we are?

Unfortunately, the true story isn’t so…exciting

One word: Photoshop. Just like how an unnamed person once won a photography competition by doing some smart (not smart enough to escape detection) editing on photoshop, this image was also edited on photoshop, according to Scary for Kids.

Check out the original image below: 


You can see that she simply leant her head to one side. The photo editor made her face paler than normal and twisted her neck even more.

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