Ugly Girl Grew Up Getting Laughed At, Now She Became a Chio Bu & Got Married

Looks are subjective, but given how the the world has evolved into something so visual with social media (you get what I mean, eh?), it seems like it’s more common to get laughed at for looking different.

And this lady, unfortunately, received the end of the stick.

Meet 22-year-old Kuok from Vietnam Who Grew Up Being Laughed At

She didn’t have it easy going through school. Classmates criticised and made fun of her looks. It got so bad that she was ostracised by them and excluded from any events or gatherings. 

And then, she graduated from school.

“If I Marry Her, I’ll Lose My Appetite”

If you think that things will get better after graduation, you’re wrong.

Just like any other girl, she dreams of finding that perfect someone to settle down with. She wants to fall in love and get married to the man of her dreams.

What she didn’t want was to get laughed at during matchmaking sessions where one even said, “If I marry her, I’ll lose my appetite!”

She Decided To Do Something About Her Own Situation

Faced with all these, you don’t need to be an expert to know she has an inferiority complex. 

Now, things can go either way: she picks herself up and do something or she gives up and carries on through life.

Lucky for us, she decides to do something about her situation. 

Ugly Duckling Became Beautiful Swan

Having had enough of ridicule and insults, she went for cosmetic surgeries last year. 

She spent about SGD$20,000 on plastic surgeries and emerged a chio bu.

Aww, doesn’t this remind you of the Korean movie, 200-pound beauty?

Met a Good Man and Got Married

Just like her looks, her life took a turn for the better. She met the “man of her dreams” soon after.

After dating for less than 6 months, they decided to get married. And the man was reportedly from a rich family as well.

Now here are more pictures for you to look at because NPNT, right?

I bet those guys wished they weren’t so mean to her back then. Especially the one who made the mean comment during matchmaking.


But before anything, here’s a disclaimer: we believe she found the man of her dreams because she became confident after the surgery, and not because of her looks. Because, well, looks are subjective, remember?

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