[VIDEO] Seeing This Thai Orang Utan Build Its Own Hammock Will Blow Your Mind Away

As the year of the monkey have just passed, a video of an Orangutan building its own hammock went viral and has been quickly picked up by media around the world. 

Building its own hammock

Nemo, a 14-year-old female orangutan, decided to start 2016 by having some chill time in her own personal hammock. According to Global News, Nattawut Foongklang, a zoo staff member at the Nakhon Ratchasima Zoo, caught the intelligent ape tying a sheet to her cell bars to make a hammock a few days before Christmas.


In the video, Nemo was seen building her own hammock from scratch. The best part? She constantly tries to adjust the hammock so that it fits just right. She doesn’t stop till she is comfortable and that’s possibly the cutest part of the entire video. 

Although Nemo’s amazing talent has been widely cited, the main point that netizens have pointed out was that she’d be better off in a habitat that resembles nature and not a prison cell.

Orang Utans are known to do that 

In fact, Nemo is not the first orangutan who has attempted to build its own hammock. According to The Telegraph, nest building has an important social function among orangutans, as knowledge of how to construct them is passed down from mother to baby.

Once the orangutan hits the age of 3 and starts to construct its own nest, it means that they are finally ready to leave their mothers.

Check out the video below from Global News:

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