This Video on Steven Lim vs Sylvester Sim is the Best Video This Week

For those of you that are not aware, Steven Lim and Sylvester Sim will be facing off in erm, a “celebrity fight-off” at the inaugural Asia Fighting Championship (AFC), on September 23 at Marina Bay Sands.


And to hype up the ‘fight’, TodayOnline reached out to them for an interview and they graciously agreed.

Here’s a video of them ‘mock sparring’, talking about their winning chances, and altogether just doing funny things.

(If you listen closely, the cameraman was giggling. It tells you how ‘heated up’ the sparring was).

If you guys cared enough to remember, there was a ‘huge’ social media quarrel back in 2008, when rumours surfaced that Lim had been scorning Sim. Well, now Sim jokes that the fight will provide them with a platform to iron out all ‘differences’.

That apparently was the ‘basis’ of this fight.

For all you doubters out there, I understand your concerns but don’t worry – Steven Lim and Sylvester Sim both have had martial arts training before.

Steven Lim did Tai Chi for a few months in Primary Six, while Sylvester Sim learnt Jeet Kune Do (a Bruce Lee fighting method) when he was 13.

In addition, they have started doing Muay Thai since June at Muse Fitness Singapore, in a bid to prep for the upcoming fight.

So don’t worry; it won’t be a fight like you see in the video, but an arguably more ‘professional’ one with legitimate moves and techniques. Or it could turn out exactly like how you expected – a sprawling mess.

But hey, at least there will be comedic value in watching it!

When asked whether they suffered any injuries during training, Lim said that he had just hurt his back a couple days ago when lifting a heavy weight, but he bravely said he will ‘recover’.

Sim, on the other hand, has had a torn right ligament from an old fight and a broken rib from his army days when he attempted a WWE esque move by leaping off a bed.

Steven Lim, however, was confident that he had the upper hand.

He claims that he has so much strength and power he ‘scares’ himself, but admits that Sim was more nimble.

Regardless, he estimates his winning chances at around 60%, and says that should he lose, it would probably be down to carelessness or recklessness.

Sim doesn’t agree, stating that ‘the ball is round’ and anything could happen.

Well, best of luck gentlemen! Whatever the outcome of the fight, I’m sure I can speak for all when I say that the fight is going to be entertaining!

And did you catch the last move Steven Lim pulled? Looks damn legit, I tell you.

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