Wanderlusters, Brace Yourself: Airfares in M’sia Set to Drop in 2017

Yes, we’re finally getting a good news since the start of the year.

According to a business article in The Star, we would most likely be seeing more discounted airfares in Malaysia in 2017.

Before any Singaporean prepare some rotten eggs to throw at me, here’s the thing: haven’t you flown from Malaysia to other countries before? If not, you’re not exactly the wanderluster you claim to be, because to some Singaporeans, they might fly more often from JB or KL instead of Changi Airport because Changi Airport parking for aeroplanes expensive lah.

The lower airfares are primarily due to one reason: competition. Even when fuel prices are set to increase, and there’re now more demand, these factors lead to the airlines battling it out in a price war that will benefit the consumers.

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Malaysia Airlines Bhd CEO Peter Bellew projected that the fares will drop to its lowest in the second half of 2017 and into 2018.

To meet the growing demand, the three Malaysia airlines that fly globally, namely AirAsia group, Malaysia Airlines Bhd and Malindo Air, will be bringing more planes.

Here’s even something more interesting: AirAsia has purchased enough fuel when the price was low last year, meaning they might be able to offer even greater discounts. And when one airline’s price drop, you can expect the same for others.

There’s been an increase in the number of promotions by local budget airlines as well. Could this also be happening in Singapore as well?

But of course, this is all theory. In the same report, it is worth mentioning that Moody’s Investors Service 2017 projects that “growth in passenger demand will remain slow overall.”

Nevertheless, at least now you know you shouldn’t limit your choice to flying off from Changi Airport, eh?

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