WhatsApp Has a New Pin Function Coming Soon, And It’ll Save Lives (Or Ruin Them)

You could pin specific messages at the top of group chats for a while now. But WhatsApp is going even further, by introducing a chat pinning function.

Very soon, you’re going to be able to pin up to 3 chats at the top of your WhatsApp chats page. No longer will you be pulling your hair out at all your dozens of chats from friends, groups of friends, colleagues, groups of colleagues etc.

If you’re one of those who knows literally everybody, the constant shifting of your multiple main chats is going to mess with you and your eyes. Sometimes, the important but not frequently activated chat groups can even get buried under the flood of messages from those less important ones.

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With this new pin function, you don’t have to worry about this anymore. Simply pin your most important chats at the top by tapping and holding on the chats, then tapping the pin button near the top, and you’re good to go!

Unfortunately, this also means that you can’t use the excuse, “I missed your message ‘cos it was buried under everything else” anymore. Your girlfriend is going to get you to pin her to the top, even if you chat with her daily. Your boss will probably want you to pin them to the top, so you don’t “accidentally” miss some work-related stuff.

Actually, now that I think about it, is this pin thing such a good idea after all?

On one hand, you’ll never miss anything important from your work anymore, but on the other hand, you’ll never miss anything important from your work anymore.

Maybe we should all move to Telegram.


Telegram already had that function since late last year?


I guess we have no choice but to embrace our new lives under the oppression of the pinned chats. Time to completely remove the blue ticking thing, I suppose.

The Pin function is currently available in the beta version of WhatsApp, and will be releasing very soon.


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