Soon, You Can ‘Unsend’ & Edit Sent Messages in WhatsApp

In our long life of using WhatsApp, there will definitely be at least one message that we wished we hadn’t sent out; whether it be an angry message that you want to take back or sending a lovey-dovey message to the wrong girl.

Well, guess what, it might become a reality soon, as claimed by @WABetaInfo who released information about the ‘unsend’ function in Android v2.17.150 beta. 

Last year, rumours of the unsend function were already floating around, but you can only revoke messages that were not seen. This time, the function allows you to retrieve messages sent up to 5 minutes ago.

When you long-press on a message, you’ll be given the options to either revoke or edit the message. The first is, of course, to take your words back while the second is to update the content of said message. #NoMoreSpammingConvos

While the function sounds pretty awesome, it looks like WhatsApp is still testing out different ways to make the function work. 

And of course, like most tech companies out there, they’re not confirming if the feature is just a rumour or it’ll be something that’ll come true. So keep your fingers crossed, yeah?

Now here comes the bad news if you’re an Android user. It’s rumoured that iOS users might get this function in the next update but for Android phones, there’s no news yet. 

Now you can take back your words.

Other WhatsApp Improvements

Other than the unsend function, WhatsApp is also giving you the ability to share your live location with other people.

When it’s a live location, the app will display it as a ‘live’ message, and the moment you stop sharing, it will convert into a normal “shared location” message. 

I can think of so many awesome uses for this. #SoMuchPossibilities

There is also a new change number feature which allows you to tell your friends about your change of contact easily. Remember back when you have to mass send texts to inform others? Now you don’t have to do it anymore!

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The feature is disabled by default so you must toggle it on.

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**All images are screengrabs from @WABetaInfo Twitter Account

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