Wild Michelle Chong Appears As an Ah Lian in a Trailer On Netflix & It’s Cool AF

Everyone in Singapore loves Michelle Chong for the myriad of accents that she can do. And mind you, these accents are really very, very well done. So well done that she even has a movie of how she rose to fame as LuLu, a PRC hostess who rose to fame.

Just today, Netflix released a promotional trailer titled ‘Ah lian in Litchfield’ for the popular Netflix series ‘Orange Is The New Black’ which starred Michelle Chong together with Uzo Aduba, one of the actresses who rose to fame for her role as ‘Crazy Eyes’.

Facebook: NETFLIX

In the trailer, Michelle Chong is spotted wearing thick winged eyeliner makeup with a high hump on her head. She is also seen constantly fiddling with her fringe which is, well, what most Ah Lians do anyway. 

Image: Facebook (Netflix)

She also flashes the use of our Singlish with words and phrases like ‘Abu-den’ and ‘Wah, your hair sibei champion ah’. Heck, she even goes all out and inserts Hokkien expletives like ‘Kan Ni N*’.

Wa, Michelle, you da real champion!

Facebook: NETFLIX

And of course, being known as Crazy Eyes, Uzo Aduba looks absolutely unfazed by Michelle’s ahlian-ness.

Facebook: NETFLIX

You can take a look at the trailer here.

And if you’ve not realized, this isn’t the first time Netflix has focused on local stars or issues to promote their in-house contents. There were a trailer for Stranger Things that Yishun starred in and a trailer for War Machine by the original cast of Army Daze.

Netflix has won the Internet again.

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This article was first published on goodyfeed.com

Featured Image: Facebook (Netflix)

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