You Can Now Catch Snow in a Woodlands HDB Because of One Man

If you’ve always wanted to experience snow in Singapore, and don’t want to pay a single cent, you’ve got your wish this year.

Mr Tan Koon Tat, a 56-year-old carpenter, has decided to turn a corner of the car park for Woodlands St 13 in Blk 179 into an area that definitely doesn’t look like it’s from Singapore.

Here’s how that small corner looks like.


While the snowman isn’t made by snow, it’s built with metal rods and wrapped in white felt, with light bulbs that turned it alive at night. The height? 2.2 m—higher than all of us, which is perfect for that Instagram shot.

The best part of this area is that there’s a snow machine that pumps out artificial snow. If not for the HDB car park gantry next to it, you could literally pass off as saying that you’re in a country with snow.

While the imagery is amazing, the story behind this is even more amazing: this isn’t sponsored or made by a commercial entity, but the solo personal effort of one man, Mr Tan. His objective is simple: he just wants his fellow residents to be happy.


Everything in totality cost $2,000, excluding the electricity bills. As it is all an individual effort, he has linked the cables back to his flat to power up the remarkable mini Snow City.

And Mr Tan isn’t just a Christmas guy—on other festivals, he would also decorate the area to fit the festive season. This mini Snow City will be there until early January, because his next venture is a 1.3 m Rooster to celebrate Chinese New Year, as it’s going to be the Rooster Year next year.

I don’t know about you, but suddenly, faith in humanity has somehow been restored. Especially in Blk 179.

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