Top 10 ways to improve your productivity at work so you can get promoted fast and huat ah!

How do you maintain productivity at work? It might sound simple in theory, but let me assure you that it’s hard as hell to put it to practice.

You’ve been in such a situation before, right? You go to the office in the morning, full of motivation and determination to be more productive than you were yesterday. At the end of the day, you realise you were no more productive today than the day before.

What went wrong? Here are 10 ways you can improve your productivity easily and finally get that promotion you have always wanted.

Stay away from your lazy/less productive colleagues
Chances are they just want to hang out and talk instead of doing work. Also, you probably don’t want to mix with those who do their work by asking you for help consistently.

Keep your handphone away
You’ll spend more time doing your actual work than scrolling through Facebook and reading Goody Feed articles. You can always do so after your work is done! Also, your boss will be impressed that you are really focusing on work – bonus points to get promoted!

Don’t multitask
You may be a master of this art, but you should avoid it at all cost. You are more productive if you focus on one thing instead of several at one time.

Ponteng unnecessary meetings
Meetings aren’t always evitable but should you get the chance to, just skip it! You can spend those hours doing your own work instead of dozing off in the meeting. Plus dozing off in your meeting is just going to make your boss take away your chance of a promotion.

Take regular breaks
Remember when your mother would tell you to stare at trees after you’ve been studying for some time? Well, continue practising that even at your workplace. Take a short nap or simply stretch.

Spruce up your work desk
Working where your favourite items are might help you do better. Decorate your desk away! Just don’t be too excessive and put a whole fish tank like some people I know…

Know what time you work best
If you are more focused in the morning, start with all the heavy-handed tasks first. Otherwise starting with menial stuff will result in a very sleepy you doing important work. Say goodbye to your promotion liao…

Stop your “I’m so stressed” whining
Mindset and self-motivation are important, so instead, tell yourself what you have to do and how you can accomplish it. Self-pitying isn’t going to get you your promotion.

Listen to music
In school, we were told that listening to songs without lyrics or baroque music could help us to study and process information better. Well, probably a good idea to continue doing that at work!

Write things down
Pen down each day what you need to do and what you want to achieve. Maybe even show it to your colleagues or family so that they will remind you of what you need/want to do.

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