10 After-School Activities 90s Kids Did That Kids Nowadays Won’t Understand

Last Updated on 2022-08-26 , 9:46 pm

Are you a 90s kid? If you are, you’ll definitely remember these 10 after-school activities that all the cool kids took part in back then. It’s a totally different scene compared to kids today who are living different lifestyles.

Now, we’re not bashing on kids today because whatever the difference between back then and today isn’t because of them, but changes in the way we spend our time instead (or to be more specific, because of the Internet).

So let us bring you down memory lane and list down our 10 best after-school activities that all 90s kids never forget.

If you’re a 90s kid, do you have these memories too?

Going to the arcade

Image: Carnival World

This really is one of the most amazing things ever. And inviting your friends along made you so cool, especially when you’ll have to change out of your uniform and be the cool kid.

Nowadays, kids can squeeze the entire arcade into their phones. Like, seriously.

Eating ice pops

Image: Shopback

Remember how you have to bite and twist in order to start eating (or drinking) it? One Ice pop was only 10 cents back then and were the perfect after-school treats to share with your pals, because just take a look at that. Did the inventor designed one ice pop for two people?

Lepaking at McDonald’s

Image: Remember Singapore

McDonald’s used to be the hipster cafes of today: you go to a McDonald’s, you’re cool. And sometimes, all we did in McDonald’s was…nothing.

Just like how kids hang out in hipster cafes nowadays. I mean, they’re not there for a meal, right?

Going to a LAN shop

Image: Discover SG

It’s hard to find one in Singapore nowadays, but in the past, lan shops were everywhere. LAN shops even have clans, and it was common to see their online fight escalating into a real fight, because in the past, people don’t fight in social media platforms.

Play under the hot sun

Image: Google Maps

Soccer, catching, hide-and-seek…you name it, we’ve got it. It was even cooler if you had a clique with the kids from the same neighbourhood. If you were from Chong Pang, you’d call yourselves the Chong Pang kids. That was the very first “Facebook Group” you joined.

Getting super excited to watch Kids Central

Kids Central was life. You’d hurry back to catch your favourite shows. R.E.M, anybody? That show was our local version of Totally Spies!

Nowadays, kids didn’t even know how to turn on the TV.

Looking through the Yellow Pages

Image: Wikipedia

Do kids today even know what the Yellow Pages is? I remember going home after school and looking through the book to see if I could find my best friend’s number, only to find their parents’ names.

Playing the educational games your teacher recommended

We didn’t have Colour Switch or Minecraft back then so we would simply play the educational games. They were fun and super cool because computers were so new then!

Ringing your best friend up using the house phone


You need to watch the first part of the video to understand every 90s kid’s pain.

Being able to talk to your best friend over the phone was the best thing ever. After all, your older sister was always hogging the phone to talk to her boyfriend.

Eraser battles

Image: Little Day Out

Friendships were forged and lost because of these 10-cent erasers that no one used to erase anything. We really need this back.

Feature Image: Little Day Out / Discover SG