10 Awkward CNY Questions That’ll Create an Awkward Situation


Chinese New Year is always the period of time when we visit relatives we only see once a year and we can barely remember what to call them.

Similarly, they would not be able to remember us clearly and would start asking us awkward questions. Here are some of they questions relatives always ask and you are at a loss because you don’t have answers to these questions:

1. “When are you getting married?”

Somehow, our relatives are always so interested in our love life and this question is asked by almost everyone. If you have a partner already, you just smile awkwardly. If you don’t you just look away and try to escape.

2. “How much do you earn?”

Asking how much someone earns is always a sensitive question regardless of time and venue but somehow relatives still ask this question during Chinese New Year. But really, why do you even care how much I earn ah?

3. “Can your job earn money?”

It really irks me when a relative I haven’t seen in a thousand years come and ask me such an irrelevant question. Like dude, are you going to feed me if my job doesn’t earn money? 

4. “When are you going to have kids?”

Again, this is a pretty personal question but somehow our relatives love asking this kind of question. Couples usually just stare at each other awkwardly and give a smile.

5. “Have you gained weight?”

When faced with this question, you never know whether to say yes or no. If you say no, your relative might insist that you have gained weight. If you say yes, then your relative might go on commenting about how fat you are so either way, you also will lose lah. 

6. “Do you have anyone you like?”

I mean, even if I tell you, you will know who meh? 

7. “How did you do for your exams?”

If you have done badly, you probably don’t want to tell anyone about your results but you have no choice when your relatives ask you. If you say that you have done well, your relatives might say that you are arrogant or bragging. So…..

8. “Have you bought a house or a car?”

Basically, your relatives want to know whether you are rich or not. 

9. “Did you cut your hair?”

Nope, my hair fell out on its own cos I’ve been too stressed by all the questions you’ve been asking me. 


10. “Why are you not like your brother or sister?”

If you have a sibling, you are most likely going to be compared to him/her. Whether it is about your grades or looks, they are going to compare you both from head to toe.

If you don’t want to land yourself in such an awkward situation, pray hard that your relatives are not going to ask you these questions.

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