10 bad habits of women that make men not just angry, but furious


Last Updated on 2016-05-20 , 2:38 pm

Most guys have such encounters with women before and nobody likes it. Be it a past relationship experience, your female colleague who sits next to you or even your current girlfriend, all guys hate these and they can get VERY mad over it. And for the ladies, well, do not do it. Read on to find out what these 10 very bad habits of women are and how not to cross the line.

Too much pressure
It’s great for your girl to push you further, give you motivation and apply some pressure so you will work hard towards your goals. However, it does not get as endearing anymore when they overdo it and cross the line. No guy likes a bossy girlfriend or female friend who thinks they know it all, pressuring you every day and EVERY minute. It’s like a bee buzzing around. Because busybody mah.

Chin Cai dress
Your wife may have spent hours dolling up before but not anymore since she’s happily married with kids and what not. She feels that she has done her part and she’s not putting in a single effort now. No makeup, no dressing up, no exercising, no facials, no manicures or hair salon trips. Her favorite phrase has become “Chin cai dress la!”

Lack of goals
This doesn’t happen often, but it can when women get too complacent. When they start to think they have it all, they stop paying attention and live in their own world of bliss.

Overly paranoid
Confidence can be a scary thing. Too much and she’s arrogant. Too little and she becomes ignorant. The overly paranoid women is the most scary of all because the coffee you had with your boss suddenly became a date with a co-worker.

Despise a man
The most hateful thing to do would probably be despising men. Laughing at them is one thing, but saying they’re useless or stupid can get them from 0 to 100 real quick. A man’s ego is not be messed with!

The materialistic girl
Men definitely don’t like materialistic women, okay, everyone dislike them. Whether it’s desperately requesting for a Chanel bag during her birthday or an exotic trip to Paris when you get your bonus, these behaviors are bound to piss you off.

Doesn’t build relationships
This is the type of women who doesn’t try to build her relationships with people around you. She doesn’t care if it’s your best friend or your Grandmother, she doesn’t try to connect to these people.

Sees herself as a birth tool
Well, for those who are married, your wife sees herself as a birth tool and thinks that you have to treat her well because she gave you a baby. Yes, you’re supposed to treat her well anyway, but sometimes her requests for jewelry, bags and shoes can seem too extreme at times.

Doesn’t do a single ‘house-wifey’ thing
We all get it, its the 21st century. Men and women are both working nowadays and we don’t want to start on the gender equality. However, there are women who constantly compare themselves with men and refuse to do what men don’t. If their man do not clean, cook or wash, they don’t too. Well done.

Lack of privacy
Yes it’s true, women share everything with their BFFs. They like to discuss what they had for lunch or share each other’s bags. While it’s no harm sharing certain things, it can get pretty toxic when they start posting every single argument or private photo on their Facebook or Instagram for their friends to know. You’ll be paranoid thinking that everyone around you is judging you. What a way to live, man!

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