10 Best Channel 8 Singapore Dramas That Every Singaporean Should Re-Watch


Last Updated on 2023-03-22 , 6:16 pm

Singapore dramas have never been good. I don’t watch local TV. 

Do you feel the same way about Singapore dramas?

It is the mark of many Singaporeans to have sat in front of the television at either 7pm or 9pm, eyes glued to the ongoing Channel 8 Singapore drama.

Almost all of us probably have a few dramas that we fondly remember being addicted to, diligently catching each episode as it aired.

And groaning when it was the weekend because we had to wait another two days.

In case you wish to have a nostalgia trip or simply know what it’s like to watch our local dramas, here are 10 of them that you should definitely watch.

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10 Best Channel 8 Singapore Dramas That Every Singaporean Should Re-Watch

1. Portrait of Home

Even though it has been eleven years since it aired, I can still remember the theme song of this Singapore drama.

A roller coaster-ish of a show that centres around a family business, the drama involves a diverse and refreshing range of characters that captivates the audience. Watch this if you’re into long-drawn-out family drama.

Remember Yvonne Lim’s crazy acting?


2. Rhapsody in Blue (蓝色仙人掌)

Perhaps the most impressive thing about this drama is young Boon Hui Lu’s acting as a mute girl who bears a deep grudge against her guardian.

Different plot threads are interwoven and the ending is pretty sad, but definitely moving.

Yes, Boon Hui Lu is the same girl who went viral on Youtube as a Singaporean singing sensation.

3. The Little Nyonya 

One of the most popular Channel 8 dramas ever, it is particularly interesting due to the fact that it was set in a Peranakan setting.

There are quite a lot of heart-wrenching scenes in the show and it might not have the happy ending that many people look for, but it is not difficult to understand why this drama received a lot of praise for its engaging storyline.

4. Reunion Dinner (团圆饭)

This drama has been praised for how realistic the plot is and how relatable it is to Singaporeans.

No matter your background or age, there’s probably something in this show that will resonate with you and move you, and will teach you to really appreciate the importance of a close family.


5. Unriddle (最火搭檔)

One thing I can’t deny is that Channel 8 actually does crime dramas pretty well, especially when it involves Rui En.

The cases are appropriately thrilling and manage to suck you right into the story. Definitely a pleasure to watch!

6. Breakout (破天网)

A fairly interesting show with a pretty interesting plot, it captivates the audience with fast-paced scenes and a refreshing plot.

Plus, you get to see Dai Yang Tian as a villainous son, which is extremely pleasing to the eyes.


If you’re into good acting, Elvin Ng portrays an autistic character in a fantastically moving way.

7. Mind Game (心迷)

One of the best crime dramas to have come out of Channel 8, each and every episode is mesmerizing and the overall plot is appropriately engaging with a fair amount of twists.

The ending, however, is pretty sad and definitely not a fairy tale one.

8. Daddy at Home (企鹅爸爸)


Exploring a rather common phenomenon present in Singapore society, this Singapore drama is moving and funny with balanced amounts of seriousness and reality.

Definitely would recommend for those who like their dramas exploring real-life concepts and issues that aren’t portrayed too seriously or forcefully.

9. Nanny Daddy (奶爸百分百)

This is slightly similar to Daddy at Home but it is much more humorous and it is a delight to watch Adrian Pang act as a clueless father to a baby.

Those who love lighthearted dramas instead of fast-paced thrillers will certainly enjoy this.

10. 118

The most recent drama on this list, it is special because of how it provides a light-hearted social commentary on issues in Singapore and allows viewers to submit plot ideas.

Yet, the plot is poignant and reflective of our society and us as individuals. Definitely a must-see.


These shows are mostly available on MeWatch so grab some food and settle yourself down for a marathon!