10 Best Channel 8 Singapore Dramas That Every Singaporean Should Re-Watch

Last Updated on 2023-06-17 , 11:26 am

Channel 8 TV Shows: A Tribute to the Best Singapore Dramas

“Singapore dramas have never been great.” This sentiment may ring true for some of us who have strayed from local TV. But do these Channel 8 TV shows truly deserve such a reputation? Let’s journey back to the world of Singapore drama list and find out.

Undoubtedly, it’s a shared experience among Singaporeans to have been huddled up in front of the television at 7pm or 9pm, deeply engrossed in the unfolding Channel 8 drama. The majority of us can recall at least a few Mediacorp dramas that had us firmly in their grasp, diligently tuning in for each episode as it aired.

If you’re yearning for a nostalgic trip down memory lane or merely curious to experience the allure of our local TV dramas, here’s a compilation of the top ten Channel 8 shows that you should definitely revisit.

1. Portrait of Home

Image: mewatch.sg

Portrait of Home is an enduring Channel 8 drama, despite being more than a decade old. It revolved around a family business and offered a rich tapestry of characters that kept viewers hooked. Even now, its theme song resonates. Remember Yvonne Lim’s unforgettable performance?

2. Rhapsody in Blue (蓝色仙人掌)

Image: mewatch.sg

Boon Hui Lu’s extraordinary performance as a mute girl, harbouring a deep grudge against her guardian, was the highlight of this poignant Channel 8 9pm show. Rhapsody in Blue had a complex, interwoven plot that culminated in a heart-rending ending.

3. The Little Nyonya

Image: straitstimes.com

Perhaps one of the most popular Mediacorp dramas to date, The Little Nyonya was distinguished by its unique Peranakan setting. The narrative was replete with emotional moments that, though they didn’t always end happily, were deeply engaging and earned widespread acclaim.

4. Reunion Dinner (团圆饭)

Image: mewatch.sg

Reunion Dinner earned praise for its relatable plot and authentic portrayal of Singaporean life. Regardless of age or background, viewers found elements within this show that resonated deeply and served as a reminder of the significance of familial bonds.

5. Unriddle (最火搭檔)

Image: skjam.com

Channel 8 has a knack for delivering gripping crime dramas, and Unriddle is a prime example. With Rui En at the helm, the cases presented were suspenseful and engrossing – truly a pleasure to watch!

6. Breakout (破天网)

Image: mewatch.sg

Breakout was a fast-paced Channel 8 show that gripped audiences with its unique storyline. Notably, Elvin Ng delivered an exceptional performance, portraying an autistic character with touching realism.

7. Mind Game (心迷)

Image: danwild.me

Touted as one of the best crime dramas Channel 8 has produced, Mind Game enthralled viewers with its captivating episodes and engaging plot, laden with unexpected twists. The conclusion, though sad, was powerfully impactful.

8. Daddy at Home (企鹅爸爸)

Image: mewatch.sg

A mirror to the prevalent trends in Singapore society, Daddy at Home was a blend of comedy and reality, a balance of seriousness and light-heartedness. It offered a refreshing perspective on real-world issues.

9. Nanny Daddy (奶爸百分百)

Image: mewatch.sg

Similar to Daddy at Home but with an added dash of humour, Nanny Daddy was a delight to watch, especially Adrian Pang’s portrayal of a novice father. If you’re a fan of feel-good dramas, this is a must-watch.

10. 118

Image: mewatch.sg

118 provided a light-hearted social commentary on contemporary issues in Singapore. The unique twist was that viewers could submit plot ideas, making it a highly interactive and reflective show.

These shows are largely available on MeWatch. So why wait? Grab some snacks, settle in, and embark on a thrilling Channel 8 drama marathon. Who knows, you might just start to view Singapore dramas in a new light!