10 Best-est Food in NUS That Are Worth the Calories (Updated for 2018)


If you’re a complete foodie like me, you’ll probably be on a lookout for good food in school even before the term begins. I remember when food was my sole determination for going to school.

So if you’re dragging your feet and heavy eyebags to school every day now, hopefully some of the food items I mention will cheer you up in between lectures and tutorials (who am I kidding though, it’s almost exam week).

Fishball Noodles @ Techno Edge

Image: four square user Kevin T.

Do not underestimate this bowl of plain-looking noodles. The never-ending queue of zombies/students is a testament to how good it really is.

The portion is very generous for $2+. The noodles are springy and the meatballs are mouth-wateringly succulent. If you’re a student and you don’t know about this stall, well, I don’t know what you survive on in NUS.

Indonesian Panggang @ Techno Edge

Image: burrple user Audrey Wong

I remember trudging over to the engine canteen with my friends just for this. And I never regret climbing up that flight of stairs to get to this stall. Where else can you find such a satisfying meal? I can still recall every bit of the fragrant curry and the sweet chicken melting in my mouth as I dig with my spoon for more.

Japanese Food @ Techno Edge

Image: burpple user foodie holic

Doesn’t this look scrumptious? If you’re craving for Japanese cuisine, just head over to the engine canteen for some delicious egg and salmon combo. It pairs really well with the salmon. This remains one of my favorites till today.

Western Food @ Techno Edge

Image: burpper user Doreen Tan

If you’re looking for a good filling meal, this plate is right up your alley. Just look at how huge the chicken cutlet is! The meat is crispy on the outside and tender on the inside. The refreshing coleslaw also makes for good pairing. How tasty is that!

Yong Tau Foo @ The Deck

Image: misstamchiak.com

I’ve had a friend who was willing to queue for at least 20 min every single day for Yong Tau Foo @ the deck. And she never got sick of it. Ever. And I don’t blame her because I absolutely love the tastiness of the soup. If you’re craving for a hot spicy meal, go for the laksa soup. It is amazingly fragrant. On the other hand, if you’re trying to avoid the swollen lips look, try the clear soup base which is lighter but every bit as delicious.

Liang Ban Kung Fu @ The Deck

Image: burpple user Ziyue Guo

Feeling rather sleepy in school? Fret not, this ginormous bowl of spicy goodness guarantees a good awakening. Located at the air-conditioned area of the deck, you’re less likely to sweat (no promises though) while gobbling down all your favorite ingredients. Even though the queue is pretty long for this stall, it moves really quickly so you have time to finish your meal before your next class starts.

Chicken Rice @ The Deck

Image: burpple user Ziyue Guo

It seems like every stall that I’ve written about comes with a warning about a long queue…and I’m sorry to say that this is no exception. But as we all know, good things must wait right? The chicken rice from this stall is so tasteful, you might just go for seconds. Drizzled with soya sauce, the chicken is extremely flavorful. If you prefer tender meat, give the chicken thigh a try.

Hwang’s Korean Restaurant @ UTown

Image: mrfoodnotes.blogspot.com

Your life as a NUS student is not complete if you haven’t tried Hwang’s. With its items priced at an affordable rate, you get to enjoy a decent Korean meal. The mackerel and chicken bbq combo is my absolute favorite. I simply cannot resist the salty and sweet combination of the fish and meat; it leaves you wanting more.

Ban Mian @UTown

Image: sethlui.com

I can literally hear my stomach growl just looking at this. This has always been my comfort food whenever I am having a bad day at school. This beautiful bowl of banmian is sure to lift your spirits. I love the chewiness of the noodles and the delicious, salty broth. Mmmm.

Though, for your info, despite its light-looking appearance, banmian does pack quite a bit of calories: one bowl carries about 475 calories. So if you’re looking to join Mr or Miss NUS, do think twice about having banmian for all your meals.

North Indian Halal Food @ The Terrace

Image: misstamchiak.com

I haven’t tried this, but I’ve heard from friends who had–and my goodness, they are full of praise for the food from this stall. For those of you looking for a hearty meal, this is it for you. The butter chicken is highly recommended. The chicken is also said to be flavorful and tasty. Now I know where to go for my next meal.

Now that you know where to head to for good food, there is no need for you to leave campus already.