10 Best-Paying & Interesting Part-Time Jobs In S’pore For Students Other Than Teaching Tuition

Last Updated on 2017-06-22 , 10:51 am

So you are currently having your holidays but you are stuck with nothing to do at home and want to earn extra cash. Or you are sick of working part-time as a service crew and want a cool AND high-paying part-time job that you can boast to your friends about—totally understandable.

Rather than recommending you everyday jobs that you can already find elsewhere, we are here to introduce some of the most unique and best-paying part-time jobs that you can either take up alone or with your friends to make it the best holiday you have ever spent in Singapore.

Instead of envying your friends’ #throwback photos of their vacation, let them be jealous of your #throwback photos of your part-time holiday job instead. They’ll wish they never left for their holidays. Promise.

1. Bartenders

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Being a Bartender can be cool AF, especially when you learn how to pour and mix alcohol like a pro. For S$10 per hour, you get to learn a skill to impress the girl you are dating, or become the next alcohol mixer at your friend’s party. Oh, and did we mention that you are also getting paid while clubbing for free?

2. Phone Promoter

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Love talking? This is a job that will allow you to talk all you want—either to your co-promoters or to your customers. You’ll also get to see all kinds of people who chut different patterns all the time.

3. Brand Ambassador

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Yeah, you don’t even have to be an influencer to be a brand ambassador. These days, companies are paying up to S$16 per hour for brand ambassadors to promote their brands. Working hours are flexible, and you get to network and meet new people. Who knows, you might even get to be the next Andrea Chong.

4. Mascot

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For places like Resorts World Sentosa, they are actually paying up to S$45 per hour for mascots on peak seasons like Chinese New Year and Halloween Horror Nights. And you are getting paid to scare people.

5. Delivery Service Agents

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If you already have a driver’s license and have no car, why not hop on as a delivery service agent? Not only can you get to see people’s happy faces when they receive their food, you can also train your parking skills while you are at it.

6. Pokémon GO Trainer

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Yeah, people are actually paying S$20-S$30 per hour for you to help them catch their Pokémon and they can even earn up to S$1000 in 9 hours. If you wish, you can also check out the details here.

7. Call Centre Staff

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Granted, you are getting paid to be scolded but this is the best method to hone your customer service skills—better than working in any admin positions because you get the first-hand experience of getting scolded right in your ear.

8. Events

Image: lia.org.sg

Love free food? Then working at events might be your thing. The best kind of events always happens at MBS, when you can feast on all the atas left-overs—some that people might not have even eaten yet.

9. Tutor

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Just master the skills to smoke the parents and blast the kids when need be. The best way for them to do well? Just practice, practice, and practice.

10. Goody Feed Writer

V7jlUvB0 The best job that’s both interesting AND high-paying at the same time. You can even work in a comfortable and fun-loving environment where everyone will accept your ideas and personality for who you are.

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