S’porean Earns Up To $1,000 in 9 Hours Playing Pokémon GO & It’s Legit


Pokémon GO isn’t dead. At least not for Mr Brandon Tan and his customers.

In a viral video that has people going crazy over, Brandon shows us how he does it, almost like a machine—he helps people train their Pokémon GO accounts and charge $25 per hour or $200 per 9-hour block.

But he’s doing it with a twist: he’s managing four to five accounts at one go.

The enterprising young man himself isn’t doing this just for money—he himself is a true Pokémon trainer, having a level 35 account (WAH!).

And his customers won’t need to worry whether he’s using any hacks to train their accounts: he does it openly at the famous Hougang Ave 10 Block 401, where it sort of become a mini workplace for him.

Here’s the thing about him: in one Facebook post, he mentions that he’s enjoying it, and has turned the game into a “job”.

If you can’t view it, here’s what he says.

Play hard, work hard 😻 Many people tell me that I should find a normal job and not do an odd job like playing games and provide leveling service for people. But I’ve tried working in an office for almost a year and felt that gaming is my passion and I can play for long hours without feeling bored. Problem about me working in an office is, I will fall asleep in less than an hour of sitting there staring at my computer screen to do my work 😹


I rather do something that I love to do and I’m good at doing than something I dislike to do and sometimes unsure what I’m doing. Even if I get paid less playing games than doing an office job, I will accept it as I won’t dread waking up everyday, doing something that I dislike doing 😻 Don’t let anyone tell u what u can’t do. If u know u r good at doing something n u love to do it, but everyone else disagrees, sometimes it’s good to prove them wrong 😉 (Unless it is something illegal 😹)

Lest you’re interested, these are his rates.

Level 1 – Level 10 = Within 2 Hours ($50) [45,000 XP]
Level 1 – Level 20 = Within 8 Hours ($200) + Free 1 Hour = 9 Hours [210,000 XP]
Level 20+, refer to the prices stated above

At least now we know that there’re really people earning real money from Pokémon GO—except Niantic, of course.

Featured Image: Facebook (Brandon Tan)

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