10 Cheap & Simple Ways That Turn Maggi Mee into a Michelin-Starred Meal


Last Updated on 2022-09-24 , 4:17 pm

Just the word ramen brings to mind a hot bowl of soup with glorious instant noodles, a saltier-than-usual but yummy seasoned soup, and yes, just mouthfuls of heaven.

It does seem kind of straightforward though, the bit where you cook it up.

It takes minutes, literally.

But what if you could do more with that packet of instant noodles in your kitchen? Amplify its flavour and texture, so that it gives you that shiok feel with every bite?

Before anything, here’s a disclaimer: instant noodles are very unhealthy. Just take a look at this video we’ve done and you’d understand:

Still here because you DGAF? Then, here are 10 unique ways to spruce up your ramen game. You’ll even want to bookmark this article when you’re done!

How About Frozen Veggies?

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This hack is fantastic for when you’re in a rush and yet want some flash-frozen veggie nutrients in your meal. Add some of those frozen carrots, corn or even broccoli to the mix, and your meal is much healthier than the ramen it was meant to be!

Drop an Egg Into It

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Yep, there’s nothing as universal as an egg to up your ramen game.

There’s a couple of ways to do this. The first (and probably most common method) would be to simply drop a cracked egg into the soup and let it poach within.

Get your timing right, and you’d just get that silky yolk that oozes out when you cut into it.

The other ways include just stirring the egg into the soup itself so that it enhances the soup’s taste, changing the game up with boiled quail eggs (pops of yumminess, for sure!) and going all healthy and only using egg whites.

What’s your pick?

Become a Protein Gangsta

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Protein just adds that extra punch of flavour you’ve been craving for in your ramen.

It also provides you with a host of nutrients, as well as plays a major function in keeping your muscles, bones, blood, skin, and even cartilage in good condition.

Here’s a bunch of proteins that might interest you in your next ramen meal – tofu, chicken, eggs, beef, fish, pork, and tempe.


Goreng the Ramen Up

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Cook the ramen noodles beforehand, strain it, and set it aside. Now go about your usual stir fry with onions, a bit of garlic, some fish cakes, tofu and soya sauce, then throw the noodles and seasoning into the concoction.

You can choose to add water to make it wetter, or just have it dry. Then dig in when it’s done.

Get Your Chilli On

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Well, there are a few ways of doing it. If you want just a hint of spiciness, use regular red chillies.

But if it’s an adventure that you’re seeking in your ramen bowl, hit it up with some sriracha sauce or bird’s eye chillies.

You might want the fan at full speed heading at you, as you’re going to sweat it out while you slurp at each bite.


Take the Sachet Away and Replace it With Miso

Image: Shutterstock/Successo Images

Hey, since you’re in the mood for something new, why not go for the ultimate?

Sure, this step might suit certain ramen types more than others (please, don’t replace the sachet for a laksa instant noodle with miso ya!).

Opt for a Japanese or Korean variant, and use all the other sachets but the seasoning pack. It’s healthier too – miso’s been known for its probiotic properties, digestion aid, and anti-cancer features.

Veggies Can be Fresh, Too

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Sure, if you’re in for a quick fix, there’s nothing like frozen veggies.Its freezer-to-pot feature is definitely a life-saver. But if you have the time, go for local greens like bok choy, spring onions, leeks or mustard leaves.

It’ll also add that touch of brightness to your bowl, and make it more appealing for you to eat. If you prefer colourful veggies, go for mushrooms, bell peppers, carrots or snap peas.

Authenticate it To The Core

Image: unsplash.com

Now, here’s another amazing hack.


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If you’re cooking a Thai tom yam pack, intensify its flavours by adding a bruised lemongrass stick, a teaspoon of fish sauce, two thinly sliced kaffir lime leaves and if you have it lying about in the fridge, a small spoonful of tom yum paste.

Going Japanese? Include a quarter or a half-teaspoon of miso paste, some seaweed and a few slices of fish fillet.

Explore your options in bringing the best out of each ramen pack, and your taste buds will thank you for it later!

The Extra Seasoning Factor

Depending on your noodle packet once again, you could add a squeeze of lemon (perfect for Thai noodles) or a teaspoon of salt if you’re a fan of salty to get that exceptional burst of flavours popping in your mouth.


Other options you could include are sesame oil and if you’re feeling truly fancy, a dollop of butter!

Bake Your Noodles

Image: unsplash.com

Sounds a bit daunting right? But it does give your noodles a crunch, instead of the traditional soupy way of eating it.

There have been a couple of ideas online where people make shepherd’s pie, but instead of doing it the usual way, they switch the mashed potato on top with ramen noodles.

To bake the ramen, you’ll have to cook the noodles and strain them, and then transfer it to a bowl.

Add the seasoning in and mix well, then transfer the ramen in portions to a cupcake sheet. Bake it at 190 degrees Celcius for about 20 minutes, remove and top it off with your favourite ramen additions.

We love it with a soft-boiled egg, some sliced scallion, and some crispy ikan bilis to give it that ultimate taste bomb.

It’s definitely a plus that your ramen noodles are now in cupcake-sized portions and easier to eat, too!

P/S: It’s like eating mamee. 


So, what’s your take on these ramen hacks? We hope we’ve given you ample ideas to experiment in the kitchen with your favourite pack of instant noodles.

Do give these a try and see the ramen world in a whole new perspective – you’ll never want to eat plain old noodles, ever again.


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