10 Cutest Dog Videos That Are More Than Cuteness Overload

How’s the week coming along for you?

We’re approaching the end of the weekends soon so hang on. But then again, I’m not going to sugar coat my words because we know how weekends pass by just… like that.

Image: Imgflip

But there are ways to make yourself feel better, other than sweet treats, splurging or the oh-so-scary treadmill.

According to University of Victoria’s neuroscientist, Olav Krigolson, unexpected exposure to animal videos attract us at a neurological level.

“You are not expecting to see something cute and cuddly and then you see it and it’s perceived by the brain as a reward.”

“There is no doubt there is a short-term burst of happiness. That should lead to better cognitive function for the short term. Staring at cute things activates the amygdala [an area of the brain that deals with emotions] and other emotional areas of the brain, which ramps up other cognitive systems.”

So here’s our attempt to bring a smile across your face!

1. Little white furball

To start us off, we have tiny white fluff taking baby steps toward the moving fingers. 13 seconds of joy!

2. Award-winning doggo plays dead

And the award for the ‘Best Actor’ in doggy kingdom goes to this little one.

3. Feeling the rhythm

A compilation of dogs wearing invisible dancing shoes. I burst out laughing at 0:18! What a bundle of joy.

4. A reflection of many of us

Not an attempt to remind you of the first day of the week but… this is too cute not to share. Monday mornings be like:

5. Human, look at me now!

How can we reject a Shar-Pei seeking for attention?

6. The Guilty Dog

Who did this mess? I didn’t know dogs unite to betray.

7. The definition of chill

Chilling like a boss and sometimes like a grandpa. Level x 10000000000000000000.

8. Obedient beyond measure

Dressing up has never been easier with a Westie. That’s why some humans prefer dogs to kids.

9. Greedy dog who gobbled baby’s food

Innocent dog with a pirate eye patch was so hungry that it ate baby’s food and left the child crying. Poor thing but oh-so-adorable!

10. Give me a break!

This is for all the parents who (sometimes) want a break from their… energetic kids. Silently screaming: “Leave me alone!”

Feeling a little better? I believe there’s some healing in looking at cute things.

As mentioned by researcher Hiroshi Nittono who conducted 3 experiments with 132 university students, cute images may facilitate improved performance on detail-oriented tasks that require concentration.

Hope you’re in a good mood now!

Image: pinterest.com

Oh, and if dogs are not your thing… here’re 10 cutest cat videos to help you last through the week!

Wishing you a fabulous week ahead and make some lemonade if you get lemons along the way. After all, it’s all about taking perspectives.