10 disappointing differences between baby boomers and Gen-Y


Let’s face it. EVERYTHING we do is as if we’re on a permanent fast-forward shift. We can’t live without our smartphone and tablets anymore.

Technology has changed us. And it has spawned many differences in all age groups. In particular, the baby boomers and Gen-Ys.

Trust me, some of the differences aren’t pretty. Here, let me break it down for you.

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Baby Boomers Work for Themselves

Their brain cells process one uniform thought – they don’t owe the world a single thing. In fact, they’re an independent generation.

The Entitlement Code

The Gen-Ys were pretty much brought up with as much help as possible from society and their families too. In fact, they expect things to be done for them. A little more work than the usual, and they’re done for the day.


Baby Boomers Are More Rebellious

Yep, you read that right. It’s hard to stick to the red tape when you’re always itching to find out what’s on the other side.

Society norms don’t dictate what they can or cannot do, and Baby Boomers love to test boundaries to see how far they can go.


Gen- Y is Never Satiated

They always want more, and in fact are probably built-in hoarders. There’s more wastage and a lesser sense of fulfillment.

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Baby Boomers Manage with What They Have

They know that resources is not always available for everything, and learnt how to work with what’s given to them.

Beatings Vs Timeouts

Gen Ys got timeouts while baby boomers got beaten with a cane if they steered far from their paths. I wonder which worked out better. Hmm.

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Better Attention Spans

Baby boomers are able dig deep and get a project sorted out, even if they weren’t focusing in full in the first place. They are better listeners.

Gen-Y and Instant Gratification

Here’s the big bully of delayed gratification. They want it and they want it now. No way are they going to wait for a few minutes or even hours to get what they want.

Dating and Flirting

Gen Y love face-to-face contact, while it’s all about the texts and Snapchats with baby boomers.

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Getting Points Across

A Gen Y while let you know to your face what he feels about you (kind of like a Zlatan moment). A baby boomer’s gonna rant all about it on Twitter, and start a Twitter war instead.



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