10 Discontinued Fast-Food Items in S’pore That Really Should Come Back

We can all agree that some kind of fast food will rank high among our guilty pleasures. These meals are affordable and filling, and can be easily found all over Singapore. 

But having the same thing over and over again can be boring, so it’s no surprise that fast-food restaurants often come out with new seasonal items. Some are good and some should be banished to hell–here’re those that are so good, they should really come back.

1. BBQ Bacon Boxmaster

You might remember how McDonald’s was promoting a hashbrown burger (of course with meat inside) not too long ago. Well, KFC’s BBQ Bacon Boxmaster started the trend by inserting a hashbrown into a wrap rather than between your typical burger buns. Bacon, barbeque sauce, land lettuce accompanied the deep fried hashbrown and added to the wondrous taste.

from myburger.fr

2. McDonald’s rice burger

This curious burger seemed to cater to the rice lovers who were hoping to combine their traditional lunch with the western burger. The soft rice patty and meat with vegetables were a seemingly great combination, while the portion met expectations, and it was a pity that this was no longer available. But thank God Mos Burger is still around, eh?

from globallybydesign.com

3. Wendy’s Beef Baconator

Wendy’s juicy patties never failed to please, and the Beef Baconator was no exception. With cheese lining the bacon and beef, the burger made a perfect meal for fast food lovers. You play around with the ingredients and the calories they carry here.


4. McDonalds’ Grilled Chicken Foldover

A smooth foldover wrap around chicken breasts, lettuce, tomato and mayonnaise. Simple yet delicious, it captured the hearts (or stomachs?) of many. Maybe some preferred this due to how much more healthy it looked than your typical burger.

Image: joybites.blogspot.sg

5.KFC’s Double down

Since you’re already going to throw yourself into the wasteland of fat gain, taking in more unhealthy goodness doesn’t seem so bad. With chicken fillets taking the place of the original burger buns, there was no avoiding the oiliness of the meal. The cheese and bacon added between the fillets proved to be a great combination.

From Wikipedia

6. McDonalds’ Fish McDippers

Like eating a Fish Fillet but without the buns, the Fish Mcdippers were a hit when they were available. At the size of a chicken nugget, these tiny pieces of breaded fish could pass for a snack for those rushing for time. They even came with the tartar sauce use in a Fish Fillet!

Image: spoonexperiencias.wordpress.com

7. Mcgriddles

Other than being amazingly delicious, the burger was aesthetically pleasing, with the large McDonalds’ symbol carved into the bun. The default sausage was laid between the buns, and egg or cheese were tasty options to add to the burger.

from Wikipedia

8. Mos Burger’s Fried Mussels

Ah, when Mos Burger was still good. Despite being deemed a less value-for-money fast food brand, it once had this interesting offer of fried mussels. The fishy taste and smell was not present and was still tangy enough to suit Singaporean’s taste buds.

from The Food Law

9. Kampong Burger

Just as the name suggests a homely feel, this burger was missed when McDonald’s stopped serving it. With salsa sauce and a pineapple slice, the local taste was captured in the burger.

from travellingmcds.com

10. Tacobell

There isn’t any specific meal that was particularly missed in Tacobell, because people missed… everything. The tacos produced at Tacobell’s outlets were and still are a great hit with Americans, while Singaporeans unfortunately lost out on the unique Mexican cuisine.

from topnews.in

Just thinking about these long lost fast foods could make anyone hungry. At least we’ve still got our everyday McChicken for our quick meals!

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