10 Easy Steps To Get Over Your Ex And Move On With Your Life

Break-ups for one, are never a pleasant experience even if it was mutual. The post-effect of getting over your ex can be just as hard and painful. However, that’s not to say there’s no remedy for it. So if you’re going through a bad break-up and wish to get over your ex, here are 10 steps to follow to get over them and move on with your life.


1. Give Yourself Time


It’s only normal to feel a certain loss after a recent heartbreak. If you weren’t, then it only means that there was nothing there in the first place. However, set yourself a time period for mourning the loss, say 3 weeks and stick to it! Cry your heart out and drink yourself sick if you need to during that time but weeks is all you have!

2. Immediately Delete And Change The Necessary


If you can’t delete his/her contact due to circumstances, just make sure to delete all your conversations and change their contact details from Bae, Baby, Hubby, My Honeybun etc to simply his/her name. If you have photos together, start deleting them all too.

There’s no point latching onto the past if you want to move forward.

3. Don’t Keep Any Of Your Ex’s Stuff


Return it to them as soon as possible and don’t keep any of them even if they’re useful to you. This includes their clothes, books, pots, and pans etc.

It also helps in the healing process and the sooner you realize this, the faster it is that you allow yourself to move on. Plus, having to do so will be great closure for you.

4. Get Rid Of All The Things That Has To Do With Your Previous Relationship

Girl’s Days “I Miss You (Want To See)” music video

Especially if you love hoarding things for a keepsake like gifts, letters, withered bouquets, receipts and old movie tickets from all of your dates together.

You can make it super easy on yourself or terribly difficult. If you want to move forward with life, collect all of that stuff that is no longer significant you, put them in a box, seal it, label ‘Do Not Open. Toxic’ and throw it out. Unless there’s a pet involved, keep it.

5. Don’t Play The Victim


Do yourself a favor and stop feeling sorry for yourself and stop asking for pity from others. This includes posting on social media about your break-up, sharing posts about heartbreaks like poems, quotes etc.

Don’t you even DARE listen to sad, ‘the end is nigh’ kind of songs! Playing the victim role is not only pathetic but it doesn’t help you move on!

6. Don’t Be The Bitter Ex


This is just as bad as playing a victim. So realize that things happen for a reason and most of the time it’s for the best. Even if you’ve been wronged or cheated. Look on the bright side of things.

If the break-up didn’t happen, you might be stuck with the wrong person all your life. It’s a chance to start over, so breathe and let it go. Believe it’s for the best!

7. Surround Yourself With Supportive People


Friends or family are often the best people to be around during hard times like a break-up. Instead of isolating yourself from the world and living like a hermit after your recent break-up, go out and have fun with friends and family. It’s all about surrounding yourself with good vibes!

8. Go Out On Your Own And Relish In Your Freedom


The thing about being in a relationship sometimes is that you become too comfortable doing things together with your other half. So upon breaking up, you suddenly have to start learning to do things on your own again. It takes getting used to but does relish in the freedom.

Just because you no longer have a plus-one, it doesn’t make you any less of a person, does it? So go out there and show the world what you’re made of!

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9. Start Focusing On Other Aspects Of Your Life

You now have one less thing to worry about so try and see other aspects of your life that need improvement or change.

Maybe you’ve been neglecting your family and friends when you were in a relationship with your ex. Or maybe you want that promotion? Or that dream job overseas? At this point in life, it’s easier to make those changes.

10. Get Yourself A Pet



If you really want to commit to something, let it be a dog or cat. They can be the best company to have around. They don’t talk back or hurt your feelings intentionally and they’re nice to cuddle.

They can be a lot of hard work to look after but at the end of the day, you’ll realize it’s so much better to be picking up after your dog than a man-child.

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