10 Facts About AnyTime Fitness You Probably Didn’t Know About

Not having time to go to the gym is a pretty popular excuse for most of us.

Between rushing to work and school in the morning and coming home in the late evening or at night, there’s admittedly hardly any time to squeeze a gym workout in.

But that isn’t necessarily the case! 24-hour gyms have become super popular in Singapore because they’re super convenient, and here’s some facts about the most well-known one, AnyTime Fitness.

There are many outlets around Singapore
You ever want to visit a particular store but get frustrated because their outlets are in mostly inaccessible locations nowhere near you? Yeah, it’s fairly common, even though Singapore isn’t even that big. But with 37 gym outlets around Singapore, it’s actually pretty hard to not be able to find one in your area! As a bonus, they’re mostly located in residential areas for easier access (and better business) and you can easily find one near you on their website.

You can get a free trial
Yes, I said it. Free! Singaporeans love free things! You can sign up for a free 7-day trial pass on their website, if you’re unsure of whether a gym lifestyle will fit you and you don’t really want to splurge so much money right away on a membership. However, please remember to be gracious and not abuse this…

They are established in many countries
AnyTime Fitness is not just big in Singapore, but in fact is pretty established all across the globe. It has more than 3,600 clubs around the world in over 20 countries, a rather impressive statistic for a gym!

Singapore was its first Asia venture
Apparently, the Singapore market was identified as the most difficult to break into, which is why it decided to use it as a tester to see if it could succeed in other Asian countries. True enough, it took off fairly well in Singapore and now it has outlets in many other countries in Asia such as China, India, and Japan. After all, if it can work in Singapore, it can work everywhere!

First 24-hour gym in Singapore
Some gym-goers might think “Hey, isn’t Gymmboxx 24-hours too? What makes AnyTime Fitness so special?” Well, you’re not wrong that AnyTime Fitness is not the only 24-hour gym chain in Singapore, but it was the first! AnyTime Fitness launched in Singapore back in 2013 while Gymmboxx decided to set up at 24-hour model a year later. It’s good for us, since it means we have a wider range of gyms to choose from!

Average 850 members per gym
In case you thought the gym scene wasn’t that big in Singapore, apparently AnyTime Fitness boasts an average of 850 members per gym, which is actually really impressive. Looks like Singaporeans really love the idea of being able to workout anytime they want, without limits or concerns about rushing before closing time.

Late night workouts are popular
Okay, maybe this isn’t that unexpected for a gym that advertises convenient exercise at all times of the day. But the chain’s master franchisee, Maurice Levine, noted that about one-fifth of members work out at night beyond 9:00 p.m. It is unclear whether this refers to Singapore or across gyms in other countries too, but I can definitely see this being a trend in Singapore too. After all, I guess it’s more peaceful as compared to having to fight with other gym-goers in the day?

Largest gym operator in Singapore
You might be thinking that AnyTime Fitness only has 37 outlets in Singapore, so how can it actually be the largest operator? Surprisingly, Singapore has over 300 other gyms and so for AnyTime Fitness to be able to open 37 outlets is fairly impressive. It has captured about 10% of market share and is probably intending to keep going!

There’s a camera near the entrance to prevent abuse
With this interesting premise, it’s easy for people to abuse the system: go in at 1:00 a.m. when there’s no staff around and bring in all your friends to enjoy the facilities. Well, think again: there’s a camera at the entrance to capture anyone “tailgating”, so don’t even think of abusing the system.

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Once you’re a member for at least a month, you can visit any of the gyms…worldwide
Going for a business trip overseas and still can’t miss your workout? There’s no need to book a hotel with a gym; as long as you’re an Anytime Fitness member, you can go to any of the gyms worldwide. And of course, they’re open 24 hours as well, so there’s now no excuse not to exercise even if you’re on a business trip!

Now that you’ve learnt more about this chain, do you think you’ll give the 24-hour gym life a go?

Actually, you should just join a gym or just exercise, regardless of whether there’s a 24-hour gym or not, no?

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