Some Gyms Report Less Patrons; Expert Says It’s Still Safe to be a Gym Rat

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In view of the whole COVID-19 outbreak situation in Singapore now where a lot of people are busy hiding in their own homes to avoid getting infected by others, many gym rats have also taken precautions to avoid going to the gym.

BuffLord95: Not me. I’m still going to the gym…

Good for you, Mr BuffLord.

BuffLord95:…with masks

Bad for you, Mr BuffLord. You need to read this.

Out of 10 gyms that The New Paper contacted, half of the gyms have been reportedly getting fewer and fewer patrons.

COVID-19 Cannot Transmit Via Perspiration

Contrary to most of our beliefs that you could easily contract COVID-19 if you’re not careful at the gym, infectious diseases expert Dr Leong Hoe Nam has shared some of his insights.

He explained that there is no evidence proving that COVID-19 can transmit via perspiration, so gyms aren’t seen as potential COVID-19 clusters as long as everyone does their part in maintaining good hygiene.

Dr Leong added, “Sweat alone won’t spread disease, but it could if it mixes with gunk on a person’s nose or if the person coughs and contaminates the sweat.”

So yes, BuffLord95; please don’t anyhowly spit like these kids.

Precautionary Measures Taken By Gyms

In case you’re still really scared, many gyms have started taking precautionary measures to ensure that it remains a safe environment for all their patrons.

One of which is to ensure that all guests have their temperatures taken during each check-in. They are also required to complete a health declaration form before they can use the facilities.

One gym, Core Collective, has also taken the extra step to cancel all its events that will result in the congregation of 40 or more people.

Lest you’re one who only goes to ActiveSG gyms, you might not know that those atas membership-based gyms usually have many exercise classes conducted their premises.

Another measure that gyms have been taking it to increase the number of times they clean and sanitise their equipment and common areas.

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True Group chief executive Mr Ken Mok, who is in charge of the True Fitness and TFX gyms in Singapore, shared, “All major touchpoints such as our front desk, machines, yoga mats and fitness equipment are wiped down and sanitised frequently.”

Spin studio CruCycle and boxing gym Crubox owner, Mr Calvin Ding, revealed, “We have had an increase of concerned clients writing and calling in, asking about our cleaning measures. We sanitise the studios after every class, including the punching bags, stationary bikes and studio floors.”

Exercising At Home Instead

It is natural for one to be anxious about going to the gym especially during this time where the spread of COVID-19 is still quite rampant, but don’t let it deter you from keeping fit because it is safe to go to the gym according to Dr Leong, you just have to ensure that you maintain proper hygiene.

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But if you die-die don’t want to head down to a gym, you can do what many other people are doing: exercising in their own homes to continue keeping fit.

According to personal trainer Tyen Rasif who operates an online fitness programme known as “No Sweat“, she noticed that more people are completing online sessions this past month.

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“These live-streamed workouts are an option for those who still want to exercise while at home,” she said.

If not,you can Google for the 7 minute high intensity workout that might be even more effective than going to the gym. There are also many apps related to this workout you can download.