10 Facts About MOS Burger You Probably Didn’t Know Of


As far as burgers go, one of our underdog favourites is MOS Burger. It sounds pretty much like an American chain name, but there are a couple of things about this fast-food chain that might surprise you.

Here are 10 things about MOS Burger you’d want to know, for sure!

The Company Hails from Japan
Yes, you read that right. MOS Burger started off in Tokyo, Japan back in 1972 (Way before some of us were even born!).

There Are Outlets Around the World
MOS Burger has placed itself on the map in countries like Indonesia, Australia, South Korea, Taiwan and not forgetting, good old Singapore. It was also operating in Hawaii, USA at one point.

Its Unique Rice Burger
Where else can you get a burger bun made out of a mix of barley, millet and rice? And if you realize, the countries that they operate in are usually rice eaters, so that explains why they’re not exactly successfully in other countries. Yeah, Singaporeans are rice eaters, too.

What MOS Stands For
M signifies Mountain and the notion of being noble and dignified, O is for Ocean that has always been vast and wide, and finally S is for Sun, that’s life-giving and vibrant at the same time. Bet you didn’t know that?

Number of Branches in Singapore and Japan
This is going to shock you – Singapore has got 27 outlets leh! And in Japan, the number runs in to four digits – 1,419 branches to be exact!

The First Outlet in Singapore
In 1993, MOS Burger’s first outlet here was opened at none other than Isetan Scotts. Today, you’d be able to grab a bite at China Square, Tiong Bahru Plaza, Chevron House and AMK Hub, among a couple of other outlets. In other words, it’s one of the fast-food pioneers here, and I bet it’s here to stay.

The Burger Menu
This place has got you set for almost any kind of burger you want. Here’s a bunch of burger names for ya – Fish Burger, Spicy MOS Burger, Ebi Rice Burger, Natsumi Beef Burger and Wagyu Burger Demi-Glace.

Desserts are Japanese
Fancy a Matcha ice cream with red beans in it? Check. They’ve got Hokkaido Milk Ice Cream ok, don’t play around. Of course, not to mention that people used to go to MOS burger just for their iced teas (are people still doing that now?).

There’s a Kid’s Meal Too
All it’ll cost a parent is S$6.50 for a Kid’s meal that comes with a burger, a box of apple juice, fries, two nuggets and yes, a complimentary toy too. Kid’s Meals are sold from 10am onwards (wait, kids wake up later than adults meh?).

What About Breakfast?
Think only McDonald’s, KFC and Long John Silver’s have breakfast menus? Early riser can grab a breakfast meal from their outlet, which includes the likes of Morning Toast Plate, Egg Salad Burger, French Toast Chicken Ham and Cheese or the French Toast Potato Salad. Sure, some of these sound like bizarre combos, and the only way you’ll ever find out if they work is to order one for yourself and dive right in?

Now, don’t you feel better as you’ve known more about MOS Burger today? Grab a bite the next time you see an MOS branch nearby.

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