A Deep Dive into the Origins and Journey of OPPO: The Tech Giant


Last Updated on 2023-06-01 , 3:33 pm

OPPO has risen to prominence as a potential competitor for tech giants like Apple and Samsung. Known in Singapore for its superior camera phones, it’s also a producer of Blu-ray players and other electronics.

But the burning question on everyone’s lips: “OPPO is made in which country?” and “OPPO company belongs to which country?” is about to be answered.

The Origin Story of OPPO

OPPO is more formally known as OPPO Electronics Corp, a name that may not be immediately recognized by many.

The brand uses the shortened and trendy “OPPO” for its overseas registration, making it a common name in the smartphone world. But what is the OPPO origin country?

A Chinese Tech Powerhouse

Contrary to the Korean connotations that its name might suggest, OPPO is a Chinese consumer electronics firm, based in Guangdong, China.

The company registered its presence in 2001 and was officially launched in China in 2004.

It has since spread its wings to various countries including Myanmar, the Philippines, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, and India.

Fifth in Smartphone Brand Ranking

Who makes OPPO phones, you may ask?

The very same company ranks as the fifth largest smartphone brand globally back in 2019, trailing behind other big names like Samsung, Huawei, Apple, and Xiaomi.

This shows that China is emerging as a leading nation in the smartphone market.

OPPO’s Expansion into Sports Sponsorship

In a bid to further their global footprint, OPPO won the rights to sponsor the Indian National Cricket Team from 2017 to 2022, placing their brand front and center on the international stage. 

The Distinction Between OPPO and OPPO Digital

Many have mistakenly identified OPPO and OPPO Digital as the same company. But here’s the thing: OPPO Digital is a separately run division based in California, USA, renowned for its DVD and Blu-ray Disc players. 

OPPO’s Journey into the Mobile Phone Market

The question “OPPO which country brand?” became more relevant when the company ventured into the mobile phone market in 2008.

Their first smartphone was launched in June 2012, marking the beginning of an influential journey in the industry.

Beyond Phones: OPPO’s Contributions to the Audio Market

In addition to phones, OPPO also released a line of high-end headphones and amplifiers in 2014.


Their flagship headphones, the PM-1 and PM-2, received positive reviews and enhanced OPPO’s reputation in the audio market.

A Competitive Force in the Smartphone Market

Since its inception, OPPO has been a pioneer in smartphone technology, continuously innovating and setting new industry records. Their forward-thinking approach solidifies their global stance.

Controversies in India

2017 was a challenging year for OPPO in India, with two major controversies stirring public sentiment.

The first happened in Mar 2017 where a Chinese national allegedly tore the India National Flag and threw it into a dustbin. This incident had caused a halt to its production plant while investigations were held.

The second incident involved a mass resignation of its entire Punjab Service Team after a HOD allegedly said that “Indians are beggars”.


However, the company was swift to address and mitigate the situations, demonstrating their commitment to maintaining a positive brand image globally.