10 Facts About Starbucks Other Than Being the 1-for-1 Queen


As the world’s top leading coffee retailer, Starbucks is a successful and renowned coffeehouse chain.

Founded in Seattle, Washington in 1971, it has over 23,000 locations worldwide making it the most recognisable coffee anyone on the streets can think of.

This coffee franchise has a long history but most people only think of coffee cups, cakes and green tea latte when they hear the word Starbucks.

Either that or the free WiFi. Or the oftentimes 1-for-1 deal.

If you’re a Starbucks lover, then here are 10 facts about Starbucks which you probably didn’t know!

The average customer visits 6 times a month
Is 6 times too little when Starbucks has become the iconic trend of coffee? Most people will check in to Starbucks for their morning coffee fix, and it is said that the loyal 20% goes to Starbucks 16 times a month.

Founded by 3 dudes
Starbucks is founded by 3 dudes, who aren’t anywhere close to baristas. They are 2 teachers and 1 writer who met at University and learned coffee from a coffee roasting entrepreneur, the owner of Peet’s coffee & tea. Howard Schulz became the CEO of Starbucks eventually after the 3 sold their shares and left Starbucks.

Original logo is a mermaid with exposed breasts
The original logo of Starbucks features a mermaid with exposed breasts, and there have been debates about the meaning of their logo. It was said to be associated with the nautical theme but they changed the logo afterwards. Interested to see the logo? Just Google it.

Starbucks didn’t sell brewed coffee
The first Starbucks didn’t plan on selling ready made coffee, instead, they sold roasted coffee beans and coffee equipment. The only brewed coffee they made were for tasting purposes. I’m glad they decided to sell coffee, because where else would we go?!

The first brand to get 10 million likes on Facebook
This is pretty self-explanatory, it’s Starbucks. But still, impressive!

Venti Starbucks contains x5 times of caffeine than Redbull
A Venti sized coffee contains 5 times more caffeine than Redbull and the amount of caffeine has slightly exceeded the amount of human caffeine consumption limit. Is caffeine good or bad? Some research shows that caffeine is beneficial to the human body while some suggests that it leads to heart disease or hypertension. So yeah, drink moderately and choose wisely, yeah?

Starbucks is market-testing a beer-flavoured Latte
Yes, it’s a dark barrel latte. You’re hoping you can taste it soon, no matter if you think coffee and beer goes well together or not.

Round tables at Starbucks were created with the idea for solo drinkers
The small round tables at Starbucks were created in mind for solo coffee drinkers to make them feel less lonely as compared to sitting at a huge empty table. How considerate is that?

They had a secret size
Starbucks has a secret short 8-ounce cup size. It isn’t displayed on menu since they wanted consumers to get the bigger sizes. Presumably meant for kids, you can try to order the short size over the counter. Let us know if it works!

Starbucks’ secret menu
Did you ever hear about this? Starbucks has a secret menu. Dedicated baristas and fans created it, exploring and developing their own concoctions. Their secret menu is available online and yes you can totally order it at your nearest Starbucks!