10 Facts about the Tampines HDB Concrete Structure Collapse You Should Know


Singapore has been known to be one of the safest countries – we’re free from natural disasters, high crime rates and stuff. The most “dangerous” issues around that affect most would probably be the occasional hail or the annual dengue and haze.

But apart from these situations, there are incidents that seem to have freaked out residents recently. Remember the time when a shelter collapsed and crushed a car at Bukit Batok? Well, putting aside the fact that a lorry crashed into it, it still seems pretty frightening that a legit, massive shelter just simply gave way. And that happened in June this year. Unfortunately, another similar incident happened just yesterday where a concrete structure gave way at Tampines. Here are 10 facts about the Tampines HDB concrete structure collapse that you should know

It didn’t collapse yet
Luckily, the sunshade which was dislodged at one side, gave way and was supported by another one below that level. It was reported that eyewitnesses heard sounds of glass shattering when the incident happened around 10.05am. The owner, Mr Choo had called the police since he thought it would cause danger to the public downstairs. He had also mentioned that it was shocking to see “such a big part of the external block” fall.

It happened on the top floor of a four-storey block
Serving as a sun shield for a unit on this four-storey in Block 201E, this concrete structure is owned by Tampines Town Council. Another sunshade on the third floor was also damaged during this incident but it will probably not be removed yet since it is unsafe to do so.

Nobody was injured
And here’s your sigh of relief. Had it fallen off the sunshade it was supported by, we wouldn’t know if there would still be no casualties.

Police arrived to cordon off the area
The SCDF weren’t engaged, and only the police arrived to cordon off the area. HDB and the town council officers had used some cables and net to hold up the damaged sunshade.  In case you were wondering, this block had been completed in the year 1987 and is 30 years old now.

Videos have surfaced regarding the incident
And due to technology, what’s news without a video? Videos from the Straits Times have surfaced, showing the situation and about a hundred onlookers – definitely our Singaporean spirit.

Workers were attempting to clear it in the afternoon
Workers were seen and cranes were used in attempting to remove the partially collapsed sunshade around 4.30pm.

BCA stated that it is still “safe”
The Building and Construction Authority (BCA) had mentioned in a statement that this incident did not affect the structural integrity of the building and that it is still “safe.”

Tampines council is working on establishing the cause
Well, not what most people might be overly concerned with – but maybe we will get updates on this after all.


All other HDB with similar structure will be inspected and accessed
Engineers and safety inspectors will be inspecting the other HDBs with similar structure as an additional safety precaution.

It has been successfully removed
And yes, the partially collapsed sunshade had been removed. But if you’re still worried of such incidents happening, well there’s nothing you can do except to stay alert while walking under HDBs.

Featured Image: Channelnewsasia.com

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