10 Facts About The US-North Korea Summit on 12 June S’poreans Should Know

Image: robybret / Shutterstock.com

Okay, so it seems like the US-North Korea summit is going to take place on 12 June. Barring flip-flopping by Trump or Kim Jong Un again.

By now, I’m pretty sure you’ve kept yourself updated with everything that’s happening.

But just in case you didn’t, or you’re feeling terribly confused (like, wasn’t there another Kim in the White House last week?), here’s a summary of what’s going on.

So that you don’t appear too suaku when your friends are talking about it.

1. When and where is the summit taking place?

So, the most important detail, when exactly is the summit taking place? We’ve been talking about 12 June all-month long, but there wasn’t really any details.

Which makes you wonder if it’s going to be called off again. Well, not this time. According to reports, the historic summit is scheduled for 9 am on 12 June 2018.

At first, Shangri-La Hotel at Marina Bay and Capella in Sentosa were named as possible places for the meeting to take place.

In an update on Twitter, Press Secretary Sarah Sanders confirmed that the location for the meeting will be at Capella Hotel.

2. Summit is declared as Enhanced Special Security Event from 10-14 June 2018

The Singapore Police announced that the summit has been declared as “an Enhanced Special Security Event” from 10 to 14 June 2018.

What this means that the police will tighten security at the summit venue, as well as the areas around it.

The police are asking for the public’s understanding and said that security checks on vehicles, vessels and people will be carried out.

In addition, the police will be stepping up their patrols in areas with high human traffic.

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And finally, the public is advised to make a report if they see anything suspicious.

3. Gazetted ‘Special Event Area’ For The Trump-Kim Event

As with any meeting between big shots, security is going to be super tight.

Sentosa and the surrounding area, including the linkway from Harbourfront to the island, are gazetted as special events area by the government.

Image: channelnewsasia.com

Within the special events area, the police have the right to conduct spot-checks on you, your bag, your grandmother and your vehicle for illegal items.

And within this special events area is a special zone.

Within this zone, stricter security checks will be conducted by the police.

Now, if you’re planning to visit Universal Studios Singapore (USS) from 10 to 14 June, be prepared because the special zone includes Capella Hotel and USS.

4. What you cannot bring to Special Events Area

So, special events area.

Image: imgflip.com

But what does this mean for you and me, really? It means that if you’re going near these areas anytime soon, make sure you don’t bring these items.

  • Noxious or offensive substance.
  • A marine flare and signal, landing flare, highway fuse, smoke generator, distress signal or other pyrotechnic device intended for signalling, warning, rescue or similar purposes.
  • Any petroleum or flammable material
  • An explosive
  • Any arms
  • An item capable of attaching a person to an object or another person, or preventing removal of any locking or connecting device
  • An aerosol paint container or other implement or substance that is capable of being used to mark graffiti
  • A loud hailer
  • Flag or banner which is larger than one metre by one metre, or has a handle longer than one metre
  • Public address system, electronic equipment, broadcast equipment or similar device which may interfere with broadcast equipment or similar devices being used by the event organiser or police officers
  • Drones and their accompanying components

5. Capella Hotel, Sentosa

So why Capella Hotel? It could’ve been the atas-ness of the place. Or the security teams might’ve felt that the (more remote) location makes it much easier to secure.

Who knows? I certainly know nuts about security. I can’t even find the thief who keeps eating my snacks. #IllFindYouOneDay

But here’s a bit more about the hotel.

It’s chio AF.

Image:: Tripadvisor

And just to showcase how atas the place is, here’s the most accurate measurement for the place: how much it’ll cost to have your wedding dinner there.

According to weddingangbao.com, a guest for a wedding dinner at the hotel will have to pay $222 each for a dinner banquet.

And for a wedding lunch, it’s only polite to pay $199.

6. Armoured vehicles on the streets of Singapore

Image: hardwarezone.com.sg

Now, don’t be surprised if you see anything like this on the streets of Singapore. No, there’s isn’t another Little India happening.

These vehicles are approved to travel on the streets of Singapore from 3 Jun to 30 Jun 2018 for both training and summit-related matters.

These badass beauties will be used to ferry the VVIPs and their entourage around Singapore during the summit.

7. ‘World Peace’ Medallion being sold by Singapore Mint

Now, if you didn’t know, Singapore Mint came up with a series of Medallion to commemorate the historic meeting.

Image: channelnewsasia.com

The coins are meant to showcase the summit as one that’ll potentially take the next step to world peace, as well as showcase Singapore as a neutral, safe environment for people of opposing ideals to meet and discuss.

The gold medallion is priced at $1,380 each. Singapore Mint is planning to produce 3,000 of these, up from the initial projection of 1,000 pieces due to “overwhelming response”.

The silver medallion is going for $118 each and 15,000 pieces will be produced. And the nickel one is going for $36 each, supply to be determined by demand.

While some are not happy with the move.

Image: Channel Newsasia Facebook Page

I do approve of the move because of the next point.

8. S’pore paying for security and logistics during the event, highly likely the hotel stay for North Korea too

Now, before you think, security and logistics mah, think again. The cost of security personnel during the event and logistics arrangements are going to be high AF.

Don’t believe me? Just look at Britain’s latest royal wedding. The entire wedding cost SGD$58 million, and about SGD$40 million were spent on security for the entire day.

Now imagine how much cost it’ll be for Singapore, and if you’re willing for the cost to be covered entirely by taxpayers’ money?

Plus, it was reported that the United States will not be paying for Chairman Kim Jong Un’s stay in Singapore.

So it’s highly likely that Singapore will be absorbing the cost. Because like what our dear Minister for Foreign Affairs, Mr Vivian Balakrishnan said, Singapore is happy to “play our part for world peace.”

I mean, we’ll be able to tell our grandchildren that the world most important world peace took place just kilometres away from you. How cool is that?

9. S’pore airspace restricted during US-North Korea summit

Security is covered via sea and land. Now, there’s just one part left: the air.

It was reported that Singapore airspace will be restricted during the summit on some parts of 11, 12 and 13 June.

Aircrafts coming into Singapore Changi Airport is required to slow down. They might also face restriction of runway use for “reasons of national security”.

10. Trump-Kim Food Inspired Dishes Everywhere in S’pore

With such a momentous occasion, you’d see businesses jumping on the bandwagon of the summit.

Just take a look below. Who knows, you might just be tempted to try one for yourself.

Trump Kim-Chi Nasi Lemak from Harmony

Image: channelnewsasia.com

American beef + Kimchi with Nasi Lemak.

Rocket Man Korean Fried Chicken + El Trumpo Cheeseburger tacos

Image: channelnewsasia.com

If you hadn’t figured out, the rocket man is chairman Kim Jong Un – a nickname created by President Trump back then.

A Trump-Kim drink from Hogheads

Image: channelnewsasia.com

By the way, they nicknamed the drinks bromance.

Trump-Kim Burger & Summit Iced Tea

Image: channelnewsasia.com

Even hotels are doing it.

Now, imagine you’re a chef for a single moment. What kind of food would you do? Personally, I’ll go for a piece of juicy beef patty, squeezed between two pieces of deep-fried noodles and kimchi.

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