10 Facts About Valentine’s Day Both Singles & Couples in S’pore Should Know About


Last Updated on 2023-02-14 , 10:04 am

All the forever alone people out there suffer one way or another during Valentine’s Day, I guess.

Heck, maybe even couples suffer.

As such, here are 10 facts about Valentine’s Day you probably didn’t know of.

We’ve done a video on this topic, so you’re the type who likes to watch instead of read, here you go:

Oh, still here because reading is your thing? Well, here goes.

1) Origin of Valentine’s Day

(Disclaimer: There are many origin stories regarding Valentine’s day. We’re just going to go with this one coz’ the writer is a lazy bum)

First things first, did you know that Valentine’s day had nothing to do with celebrating love? It’s actually meant to honour Saint Valentine— a man who helped Christians escape the Roman prisons back in the days.

However, he was then imprisoned due to his actions. Before his death, Valentine sent a letter to a girl he loved, signing the letter off with “From your Valentine”.

Since then, it’s used to celebrate his death or burial.

…Not so romantic now, is it?

2) Singles Awareness Day (S.A.D)

Alone on Valentine’s day? Fret not! Now you can be alone, together! In response to the “lovey-dovey aura” emitted by couples on Valentines’s day, some of you forever alones out there have created the Single’s Awareness Day (S.A.D) in order to give singles a reason to celebrate your uh… singlehood.

However, for some countries, Single’s Day is not celebrated on 14 Feb. For example, China celebrates Single’s day on 11 November.

And we all know how awesome the sales get on 11 Nov every year! Thank you, my lonely brothers and sisters!

3) Those with the most gifts on Valentine’s Day

No, not that handsome douchebag from the neighbouring class.

(Un)Surprisingly, it’s the teachers! That’s right, I still remember how my teachers were flooded with handmade Valentine’s Day card and plastic roses!


Ranked right behind the teachers are the children. Ahh, those sweet and innocent kiddos— who wouldn’t want to brighten their day with a cute little Valentine’s Day gift, right? I’m sure they will appreciate it more than some adults do anyway!

Third in line, we have the mothers. I don’t know about you guys, but I make it a point to give my parents and grandparents a gift for Valentine’s Day. After all, it’s a holiday about love, right?

And surprisingly, wives and girlfriends are ranked number four. Well, I guess it’s understandable. Afterall, most of us have mothers but not everyone has a significant other. #foreveralone

4) Proposals on Valentine’s Day

Just so you know, there are approximately 200,000 proposals each year. But did you know that Valentine’s Day is not the most popular date to propose?

According to a survey, the most popular date to propose is actually Christmas Eve! Similarly, the most popular date to get engaged is also Christmas Eve!


Now, this survey results might not accurately reflect the situation in Singapore. For all we know, the most popular date for Singaporeans to propose might be right before a new BTO project. (Sorry not sorry)

5) How much to spend on Valentine’s day

I’m probably going to get mauled by all the guys out there for saying this, but let’s talk numbers here. According to Mastercard (It’s all corporate conspiracy, I tell ya), Singaporeans set aside approximately S$275 for Valentine’s day!

…Yikes. That’s a lot of money for some forced joviality!

5.1) What not to do on Valentine’s day

…I better add this sub-point in before someone puts a bounty on my head.

Do not refer to the above statistics and force your significant other to fork out that amount! Seriously though, who cares how much you spend for the holiday. If you’re truly happy with your partner, every day is Valentine’s Day even if you’re eating Kopitiam food!

6) The first person you see during Valentine’s Day will be your Husband/Wife

Interestingly, this is accurate for my case. My girlfriend, who was just a friend of mine a couple years back, was the first person to send me a Valentine’s Day message on Valentine’s Day!


You can also save an image of your crush on your phone, you know. That way, you can look at his/her face immediately after waking up!

Just don’t go Instagram or Facebook to look for their photos lah. Later you see your arch nemesis then hoseh liao.

7) Korea Culture, just because

Me editor tell me talk ’bout Korea, coz people these days likey Korea.

Now, I know nothing about Valentine’s Day in Korea, so I’m just gonna report on some of my findings online.

Apparently, Valentine’s Day is a three-day event in Korea. (Wow, way to capitalize on Valentine’s Day!). on 14 Feb, the girls will give the guys chocolate. Then, on 14 Mar, guys will give candies to women.


And if you’re one of them forever alones, you’ll have to eat black noodles…on 14 April.

8) Number of Roses and their different meanings

I’ve never actually received any roses on Valentine’s Day. It’s always plushies, cards and chocolates. I’m not sure what’s so romantic about giving the dead body of a plant to your significant other, and I probably never will— but roses are also known as the flowers of love (Another marketing ploy, I tell ya).

So, I’m just writing what my editor is telling me to.

In Singapore, people generally don’t buy one stalk of rose, coz’ you’ll appear like a cheapo. Basically, the more you buy=the richer you are lah.

…Forgive me, I can never get behind the idea of giving roses and diamonds. I’m glad my girlfriend feels the same way though. Anyway, here are the number of roses and their meaning:

  • 1 stalk: Quick love
  • 2 stalks or 15 stalks: An attempt at an apology
  • 12 stalks: You want to get married, or you want the person
  • 50 stalks and above: Your significant other has total control over you, huh? Or you’re rich AF

If you’re really interested in this, go Google and find out more lah. There are apparently different interpretations, so be careful.

9) Buying yourself gifts

“Have any of you ever bought Valentine’s gifts for yourselves?” I asked my colleagues out of the blue.

What accompanied the question was half a minute of awkward silence. Eeks.


Well, anyway, do you know that 15% of women in the US buy themselves flowers on Valentine’s Day? So, don’t get too jelly when you see people receive flowers on Valentine’s Day!

For all you know, he/she might have bought it and sent it to himself/herself.

10) Matches on Tinder

Fun fact!

In 2015, Tinder realized that they had a 60% increase in matches on Valentine’s Day. So yeah, I suppose singles tend to feel lonely when everyone else is walking hand in hand on the streets.

Why not consider using some dating apps to spice up your Valentine’s Day? Who knows, you might just find someone!


I’ve pretty much run out of things to say by now. But remember, Valentine’s day is a holiday of love. While you’re busy celebrating it with your significant other, don’t forget to show some appreciation towards your parents and grandparents.

If not for their unconditional love, I don’t believe we’ll be who we are today. Give them a hug and tell them how much you love them. A little gesture goes a long way. After all, it’s the thoughts that count!

(PS: If your significant other demands that you spend a ridiculous amount of money on him/her— it might be better for you to spend your Valentine’s day with a box of chocolate!)

Featured Image: Makistock / Shutterstock.com