10 Facts About Venom, The Next Marvel Movie That’s Not Part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe

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Did you guys know that sometime at the end of this year, Venom is due for release?

Venom is a Marvel comic anti-hero, set in the world of Spiderman, in case anyone was wondering.

Although it belongs to Marvel, Venom is not included in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and so, will not be affected by Thanos. Or anything that went down in Infinity War (if you get what I mean).

If you haven’t seen the trailer (have you waited until you’ve turned into ashes?), here goes:

This movie has actually been in the works for quite some time, and so we bring you 10 facts about it that you would probably be interested in!

1. Why is Venom not part of MCU?

Image: Bustle

So this one is a little bit complicated, actually so I’ll try to explain it the best I can. So long before Marvel Studios started producing movies, and before they got bought over by Disney, Marvel Comics made a deal with Sony.

Marvel Comics essentially sold a few of the film rights and characters to Sony. One of these characters was Venom .

Disney’s MCU therefore has all the popular Marvel heroes we have all become accustomed to.

But there are still some on the periphery – like Venom, that will have their stories told, without taking part in the MCU timeline or universe.

They’re basically trying to keep it as separate as possible.

Venom isn’t the only character Marvel Studios didn’t own. Deadpool, everyone in X-Men and Fantastic Four, all who are part of Marvel Comics, don’t belong to Marvel Studios.


2. Spiderman is the exception.

Spiderman’s story was actually bought by Sony as well.

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But Spiderman is the exception in terms of being included in the MCU.

The new Spiderman will be produced and creatively handled by Marvel Studios and Disney, but he will also continue to star in any Spiderman movies that Sony wants to produce.

This is relevant, btw, because Venom is a Spiderman character.

Sony is now focusing on all the other characters it still owns to build its own MCU, apart from Spiderman, who already belongs to the MCU of Marvel Studios and Disney.

And so Venom will be the first movie to be released part of a new MCU by Sony!

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3. Venom without Spiderman.

Image: Nerdist

Now, there are many rumours and commentators speculating that Spiderman will be in Venom.


After all, the two characters are directly linked to each other, you can’t really have one without the other, right?

Well, fans of this theory may be disappointed.

Because of the agreement to keep Spiderman part of the MCU and with Sony wanting to pursue creating its own “MCU”, it is quite unlikely that Spiderman will be in Venom.

If he is, it will probably be a tiny little stint as Peter Parker.

But everything has been so hush-hush around this movie, we are only going to know for sure when it hits the theatres.


4. Horror versus Superhero flick.

Now, Venom is going to come with an R rating. 

Because it isn’t gong to be your traditional anti-hero superhero flick.

Sony has decided to take the direction of making the film one of the darkest ever under the Marvel flag to grace cinemas.

It’s going to carry a horror genre (with loads of violence), essentially.

Those who are faint of heart, this is your warning!


Maybe this is Marvel’s version of DC #justsaying

5. Carnage.

Image: Screenrant

Comic book fans know that there are more than just one symbiote merging with one host in the comics.

Which begged the question of which one was going to be taking the centre stage as Venom’s antagonist.

And fans will be pleased to know that it is most likely gonna be the infamous psychotic, powerful and bloodthirsty Carnage, one of the Marvel Universe’s most dangerous villain, will play the enemy of Venom on the big screen.


Now this just confirms that this movie is going to be very horrifying and also extremely thrilling (if they do it right, of course).

But with director Ruben Fleischer at the helm, best known for directing Zombieland, fans of this comic book anti-hero as well as horror flicks are probably going to be very happy with this movie.

6. The inspiration behind the movie. 

Venom has made appearances in many of the comics (and the popular animated series as well), which begs the question of which storyline would the movie be pursuing.


Well, the upcoming movie will be inspired by Venom: Lethal Protector and Venom: Planet of the Symbiotes. 

The first comic sees Spiderman and Venom in an uneasy truce, ending with the two teaming up to take down Venom’s out-of-control offspring.

The second is your basic alien invasion themed setting, with the symbiotes as aliens and probably Carnage leading this symbiote army.

So it’s left up to us to watch the movie and see how Venom handles the merging of these two storylines.

I remain hopeful!


7. Venom’s strengths and weaknesses

We can definitely expect to see more of this in the movie, but I’ll prep you anyway.

Venom is a freakin awesome character.

It can shape-shift, can’t be sensed by Spidey’s super senses (no goosebumps today, Spidey!), speaks telepathically to its host, super strong, turn itself into deadly weapons, expand in size and so on.

This makes it one of the most badass of all villains, and even superheroes, in the Marvel universe.

So what’s its weakness?


Just as cool – fire and sonic waves.

Apparently it hurts the symbiote so much it will remove itself from its host to escape the pain that fire and sonic waves inflict on it.

So fire and sonic waves exorcise a symbiote. I have a feeling the movie will explore this theme. It sure is creepy enough!

8. Venom is cannibalistic.

Well, the symbiote is bloodthirsty, and will turn its host into a cannibal.

Because guess what it feeds on?



Yep, just like a zombie, Venom feeds on brains, making its host Eddie Brock, a cannibal.

Yuck. And I have a strong feeling they are gonna show this in the movie…it’s a R-rated horror, I’m just gonna expect the worst. I just hope they at least fry it first.

9. No Topher Grace.

Image: MovieWeb

Venom made an appearance in Spiderman 3, which ended up being quite the flop. Topher Grace seemed to be quite a bad fit for Venom which really sank the movie.


But don’t worry, because it seems that they found the perfect man to play Venom…in my opinion at least. 

Tom Hardy!

He’s got so much experience playing a lone wolf badass, and he never takes on a role unless he feels it’s gonna be good so you know…I have really high expectations.

In VENOM – Official Trailer, it really does seem like Tom Hardy has really embraced his role as Venom and it looks like it’s going to be one heck of a film with him in it.

He’s gonna be bringing the dark, gritty side of Marvel to life by being Venom, and I simply cannot wait!


I really believe that Hardy’s gonna be amazing.

10.  #WeAreVenom

Image: Twitter/VenomMovie

Did you know that this character is so loved, and this movie has really been such a long time coming and so heavily anticipated that it has its own hashtag?


Fans all over the world have been using the hashtag to keep up with movie updates and happening on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.


So if you really can’t wait till the movie’s out on the big screen (sometime in October, probably – Singapore release dates have not yet been confirmed), keep up with the hashtag on all your socials and get hyped for its release!

I for one am looking forward to it!

Here are 10 facts about Venom and if there are any other updates, keep tuning in ‘cuz I’ll keep you posted!

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