10 Facts About the Biggest Carnival in S’pore That’ll Convince You to Visit It


Last Updated on 2017-11-28 , 12:00 pm

When was the last time you visited a carnival?

I am not talking about USS; I am talking about the old-school carnivals that have rides such as the bumper cars, carousels, and pirate ships.

It is probably Uncle Ringo, giving us a night of nostalgia albeit fleeting.

Now, there is a carnival in town that is of epic proportions.

I am talking the Prudential Marina Bay Carnival.

Doesn’t it look magical?

Image: Prudential Marina Bay Carnival

Still not convinced?

Here are 10 facts about the biggest carnival in Singapore that will change your mind.

1) The biggest carnival in Singapore

According to the carnival team, this is Singapore’s biggest carnival, Channel NewsAsia reported.

Spanning 25,000 sq m, the carnival is as huge as the size of three and a half football fields!


I am guessing, this could be a whole day event or maybe a date?

2) It will be at Marina Bay

As the moniker suggests, it will be located at Marina Bay—The Promontory and Bayfront Event Space to be exact.

Image: marinabaycarnival.sg

The carnival will operate from 8 Dec 2017 to 1 Apr 2018.

3) It is free

Okay, technically it is free because you don’t have to pay for admission. But you still have to pay for the rides and games.

4) You can buy the credits online

Don’t waste time buying the credits on the day itself. You can actually purchase them online!

The organisers mentioned that the games and rides will cost betwixt $4 to $10 which is pretty decent, given that it is located in Marina Bay

5)  Star Flyer

Image: marinabaycarnival.sg

This is just one of the many adrenaline-inducing rides; you will get a 360degree view of the Singapore skyline as you will be swung around 35m in the air.

6) Booster Maxx

Image: marinabaycarnival.sg

This one might be a little scary. The Straits Times reported that it can reach a speed of 96kmh and it goes up to 55m high.

Just make sure you are not bloated when you take the ride.

7) Cyclone Coaster

Image: marinabaycarnival.sg

What’s a carnival without a roller coaster?


The Cyclone Coaster will please any thrill seekers.

8) Das Fun Schiff (Pirate Ship)

Image: marinabaycarnival.sg

Another classic ride that Singaporean’s will be familiar with.

I mean who can forget the pirate ship ride in Sentosa back in the day?

9) Amazing food

The food looks as amazing as the rides.

A plethora of sensational bites like…

Burgers from Hyde & Co.

Image: Marina Bay Carnival Facebook

Mentaiko Bao from The Bao Makers

Image: Marina Bay Carnival Facebook

And so much more!

Image: Marina Bay Carnival Facebook

10) Stall games and more

The carnival is not limited to only rides.

There will be 30 carnival game stalls where you can win plush toys for your bae.

Image: Marina Bay Carnival Facebook

You can also expect music performances including hip-hop rapper, TheLionCityBoy and electro-pop singer, Jasmine Sokko.


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Featured image: Marina Bay Carnival Facebook