10 facts about Circle.Life, the new S’pore telco you might not know


Last Updated on 2017-04-25 , 8:38 am

Quietly but surely, a new telco has been launched in Singapore two months ago. If you’ve not heard of it, I don’t blame you: after all, we’ve all been told that the license for the 4th telecom is up for bidding, so we’re all just waiting for MyRepublic to come out with their unlimited data plan.

So, what exactly is this fourth telco, Circle.Life? Here’re ten facts that you probably want to know.

It is Singapore’s fourth telco
If so, what’s with the fourth telco bidding that everyone is talking about? Here’s the simple answer: it’s a mobile virtual network operator. Unlike our current telcos, they do not own the hardware to operate, but lease it from M1. What they offer is the software—so essentially, you’re using M1’s physical infrastructure and Circle.Life’s software, and pay Circle.Life instead.

It isn’t exactly Singapore’s fourth telco
Say what? Well, it really depends on how you define telco. Tell me, how many universities are there in Singapore? It’s the same idea: different people have different perspectives. And it doesn’t really matter, does it?

It is, however, the only mobile virtual network operator in Singapore
For comparison’s sake, there’re about 300 mobile virtual network operators in the US. It’s not just AT&T there, just like it’s not just Singtel here!

It’s, however, not the first mobile virtual network operator in Singapore
Virgin Group started a mobile virtual network operator in 2002, working with Singtel, but failed as it attracted just 30,000 subscribers in nine months.

There’s only one plan
They described it as a “one simple, awesome plan”. For $28, you get 4 GB data, 100 min talktime, unlimited WhatsApp and Caller-ID. And that’s all, folks.

There’s no contract to its plan
To encourage users to stay with them, they’ve offered various data bonus that promises to stay with you for life.

Referring friends to join Circle.Life adds more data to your plan
Here’s the interesting part: if you refer a friend to join Circle.Life, you’ll get an additional 200 MB every month as long as that friend stays in the network. Five friends = 1 GB. Ten friends = 2 GB!

Stay long with Circle.Life and you get more data, too
For every six months you stay with them, you get 0.5 GB extra data per month. I don’t know about you, but many things can happen in six months…

Signing up isn’t the same as signing up with other telcos
Because everything is digital, you do not need to go down to any shops and queue for what seems like forever before getting your sim card. Everything is done online—I mean, what else is still not done online?

There’s an app to check your usage and…
…to contact the customer service team. This is a little wow, indeed.

Top Image: www.circles.life

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