10 Facts About [email protected], the Next ‘ Our Tampines Hub’ That Has Everything

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Remember Our Tampines Hub?

Image: ourtampineshub.sg

It’s Singapore’s first ever integrated community and lifestyle hub, offering a gazillion choices of activities to indulge in.

Just yesterday (4 Feb), [email protected], which has been dubbed as something similar to Our Tampines Hub, has opened its doors to the public.

Here, take a look and see what services it has to offer:

1.It’s big

[email protected] is seven-storeys high, with the sports facilities taking up four levels on its own. If you were to measure the total land area of the building, it will take up three football fields!

Image: The Straits Times

2.A community club

Residing in this spanking new building is the Kampong Chai Chee Community Club. Just like any other CCs, this one also offers a wide array of courses and activities, suitable for anyone and everyone.

Image: heartbeatbedok.sg

3.A sports centre

As I said, the sports facilities take up four levels on its own. So you can guess it’s pretty overwhelming.

The ActiveSG East Bedok Sports Centre boasts 8 indoor badminton courts, 6 sheltered tennis courts on the rooftop, 4 sheltered swimming pools, interactive play pools, and a gym.

Image: heartbeatbedok.sg

Talk about wow! You can pretty much do all kinds of sports here…

Here’s a link for you to book the facilities!

4.A polyclinic

Of course, healthcare. The Bedok Polyclinic is situated right in the heart of the 40-year-old town, offering convenient healthcare services to its people.

Image: heartbeatbedok.sg

5.A senior care centre

Image: heartbeatbedok.sg

The centre has yet to be opened.

Do you have a friend who’s always smiling? Watch this video and you’ll know why he or she is always so happy:

It will provide a range of health and social care services for seniors.

These include daycare and dementia daycare services, where caretakers will use physiotherapy and occupational therapy to help the seniors recover in a familiar environment.

To top it off, the care centre also provides home-based care services to frail and home-bound elderly.

6.A public library

Yes, a library! Can this place get any more convenient?

If you don’t feel like participating in any activities, just head down to the library and lepak there!


There’s always a book for everyone, and I’m a firm believer of that.

7.More than 30 retailers

F&B outlets, sports specialty shops, childcare & education centres…

…what else you want?

I can eat three consecutive meals there and still not get sick of it, unlike the coffee-shop below my house which I’ve been patronizing for years.

8.Working together

By attaining a spot at [email protected], all agencies are also committed to delivering at least 40% of their services with another agency.

For example, SingHealth works with People’s Association (PA) to refer its patients for healthy cooking classes at the CC.

Similarly, SingHealth also partners with ActiveSG to recommend some patients for gym orientation at the sports centre.

Kind of like a win-win situation for both agencies and residents!

This idea, I like.

9.Health & Wellness Programme

Heartbeat Cares is an initiative for seniors and their families.

It aims to correct the misconception that people have towards ‘getting sick’.

Instead of relying on prescribed medication, a healthier lifestyle should be the answer.

10.Personalised fitness regime

Under Heartbeat Cares, residents will be referred to the Active Health Lab, headed by Sport Singapore and its healthcare partners.

Residents will develop a personalised fitness regime, guided by the professionals.

Activities include weekly morning exercise sessions, health screenings, talks and cooking demonstrations.

And the best thing? It’s free of charge!

After looking through the list, do you feel like moving to Bedok yet?

Well, guess what? Get in line, cos I’m in too!

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