10 Facts About IKEA’s New Outlet in Jem That Has Just Opened


For a really, really long time, Westies have been inadvertently discriminated against by Swedish powerhouse IKEA.

After all, IKEA outlets here were a far cry from being remotely convenient for Westies, if you catch my drift.

But it appears that the moon has intervened. And the tides have changed.

There’s a new IKEA outlet in Jurong, and it opened earlier today (29 April 2021)!

As the age-old saying goes: “Good things come to those who wait.”

And how appropriate it is, considering how IKEA @ JEM will be housing some of the most delectable functionalities and offers!

10 Facts About IKEA’s New Outlet in Jem That Has Just Opened

1. Opening

The new outlet unveiled its doors earlier today at 10:00 a.m.

It is IKEA’s third store here, and is touted to be Southeast Asia’s first small-store concept. It’s also IKEA’s first mall outlet in Singapore.

According to 8DaysIKEA’s JEM outlet comes up to just 6,500 sqm, and as such is much smaller than its local peers.

Even so, however, the store is still split into three floors, and can purportedly fit as many as 1,500 shoppers.

In addition, the store is said to promise new experiences with digital solutions.

2. Fully Cashless Checkout Counters

Absolutely dread the cashier interaction part in any retail store? Well, IKEA @ JEM will be smoothening that part for you.

According to IKEA, the payment system at the new outlet is fully automated and cashless.

Each of the three floors will have its own check-out area and self-checkout counters, and digital information screens will be there to show the number of queuing customers at every level.

Apparently, IKEA @ JEM is the first IKEA store in the whole of Southeast Asia to go cashless.

Westies boleh!


3. Swedish restaurant

Like its peers, IKEA @ JEM will come with its signature trio: Swedish restaurant, bistro and a food market.

The payment system for the restaurant is essentially similar to the other outlets: a conventional queue, grab and pay routine.

Due to the pandemic, however, staff members will help you fill up your cups and retrieve cutlery pieces.

One can also expect the usual IKEA restaurant fare to be here: Meatballs, Salmon Fillet, etc.

4. Bistro

Meanwhile, the takeaway bistro will be dishing out hot favourites such as hotdog buns and soft-serve ice cream. Unlike other renditions, however, the bistro @ JEM operates via a click-and-collect modus operandi.


Apparently, you can order and pay in advance on IKEA’s app, after which a SMS notification will inform you of your order’s availability.

If the routine proves to be a success, it will be rolled out to all the stores.

5. Dark Chocolate Soft Serve

We’re dedicating an entire point to this limited-edition flavour because it’s so… delectable.

Apparently, there’s a new exclusive soft-serve flavour in town, and it’s none other than the crowd favourite Dark Chocolate.

Available for a limited time only, the flavour is sold via unmanned Paywave machines.

Just tap your card on the reader and watch as the machine ‘poops’ out an absolutely delicious swirl for your intrigued tastebuds.


In light of the circumstances, the machines will only be operational during the weekdays.

6. Food Market

A fan of IKEA’s packaged snacks and frozen food? You can now get it at IKEA @ JEM. Expect the usual offerings such as frozen salmon fillets, hotdogs, cookies and delightful condiments like lingonberry jam.

Apparently, the outlet may also partner up with food delivery service FoodPanda for its packaged snacks and frozen food “within six months”, so good news for the home-delivery enthusiasts.

Unfortunately, their cooked food will not be available for delivery.

7. Plethora Of Service Staff

According to The Straits Timesthere will be six IKEA staff on each floor at any point in time, so no worries about having to wait too long for your enquiries to be met.


They will also each be armed with mobile tablets that can be used to visualise furniture combinations and determine product availability.

In addition, there will also be eight one-stop kiosks to support your shopping experience.

Touted as a 5-in-1 solution, shoppers can use the kiosks to sign up for IKEA Family membership, log onto the IKEA website, access the feedback system, find their way around and check for prices.

8. Digital Catalogue

Due to the outlet’s size constraints, prospective purchasers can look up bulkier items on the store’s online catalogue.

If satisfied, purchasers can choose to pay for the item and have it delivered to their home.

9. Opening Rewards

In light of the outlet’s opening fiesta, IKEA @ JEM will be releasing a plethora of promotional ventures!

For instance, simply pick up a catalogue copy, spy the 8 digits at the back and stand to win a S$200 IKEA gift card.

The first 500 customers at the new outlet will also be entitled to a limited edition KLAMY bag.


In addition, there will also be lucky draws for IKEA Family members, food offers and renovations promotions.

10. Other Features

At IKEA @ JEM, prospective customers will be able to get home furnishing
inspiration from over 12 room settings, 16 vignettes and 2 homes depicting life at home living situations in Singapore.

There’s also a digital interactive wall that allows you to colour pictures just by waving your hands and legs.

Beam projections are also used to highlight certain hidden benefits of selected IKEA products.

There are also 19 digital stands that come with a tablet, which allow customers to envision the various configurations of their furniture choice.

All in all, a very feasible destination to bring your dearest folks to this weekend!

IKEA Jurong is located at Jem shopping centre, #02-12/13/14, #03-15/16/17 & #04-20/21/22, and is open daily from 10am – 10pm.

For more information, you can visit IKEA.sg/jurong.

Do note, however, that there will be a maximum capacity in place. A SMS will be sent to your phone when you’re allowed entry.

Featured Image: IKEA Singapore