10 Facts About Joanne Peh, Our Childhood Imaginary Girlfriend

If you have been watching Channel 8 dramas, you would have surely recognised Joanne Peh in The Little Nyonya, making a breakthrough with her character on screen. 

With her radiant smile and her intelligence, she has certainly gained the hearts of many. Here are 10 facts about her to justify why she was some of the guys’ childhood imaginary girlfriend.

1. Spotlight

She found the public spotlight by winning the Miss Singapore Universe 2002 (wah, that’s 15 years ago!). It was only then she was signed on as an artist with MediaCorp. 

2. Career

Despite having to juggle both work and her university studies at the same time, she won both the Most Popular Newcomer award and the Top 10 Most Popular Female Artistes award at the Star Awards 2004, an annual Singapore award ceremony for TV personalities. Her hard work sure paid off! 

3. The Little Nyonya

The Little Nyonya earned her rave reviews, as well as a Best Actress award nod at Star Awards 2009. I remember watching the drama, just so that I could see her character’s progression! 

4. Bilingual

Effectively bilingual and well known for her eloquence and intelligence, Joanne is also a competent host for variety shows. Her ability to converse in both Mandarin and English earns her spot in both Channel 8 and Channel 5. 

5. Official Fan Club

She has an official fan club called Jolicity and was one of the seven princesses in Mediacorp. I mean, look at her, she was once everyone’s imaginary girlfriend! 

6. Baby Qi

Joanne has never revealed her daughter’s name to the public. Whereas, she affectionately refers her as Baby Qi. She stated that hiding their little one’s identity was a conscious decision between Joanne and Yuwu, as they wanted to give her the freedom to decide her lifestyle. I believe her daughter would thank her for being such a thoughtful mother!

7. Second Child

Joanne wanted a girl as she thinks that it would be fun for them. Being so close in age, her two children will be able to share everything from clothes to secrets. She added that her husband might feel outnumbered, though. I bet he wouldn’t mind and would even love the both just as much!

8. Long-distance Marriage

She cited “communication” as her secret to making a long-distance marriage work as her husband’s move to China to expand his career. Indeed, communication has the ability to bring two people closer together!

9. Positive Mindset

She has a positive mindset to always try to look at the bright side of things. As far as her long-distance marriage is concerned, she makes it such that she will always look forward to meeting him soon. Such a cheerful outlook, it sure melts our hearts! 

10. Dream coder 

In the latest Channel 8 drama Dream Coder, she was thought to put on a “native Chinese” accent by the audience. In response, she stated that as she has been away from Singapore for a while, it was the most natural way for her to speak in that manner. She is proud of her Singaporean roots and considers herself to be a Singaporean speaking proper Mandarin. 

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