10 Facts About Little Guilin, the Not-So-Hidden Gem in Bukit Gombak


Last Updated on 2023-07-06 , 6:03 pm

Discovering the Mystique of Little Guilin Singapore

Immersed in a city that never sleeps, there’s a tranquil place, a hidden gem, popularly known as “Xiao Guilin Singapore.” This beautiful oasis, tucked away in the heart of Singapore’s west side, offers a fascinating blend of tranquility and history. West-siders have often enjoyed the charm of Little Guilin more than their east-side counterparts, although its allure is undeniable to all. It’s a delightful escape that warrants your attention.

Bukit Batok Town Park Lies Within Little Guilin

One cannot talk about Little Guilin without mentioning Bukit Batok Town Park. Nestled within the Guilin precinct of Bukit Batok, this serene park might not be massive, but its captivating granite formations are truly a sight to behold. A quick 20 to 30-minute stroll around the park will lead you across remnants of granite along the stone pathways. Though the Bukit Gombak Trail closed in 2007 due to landslides, the town park still remains a wonder of its own.

Before adopting the name ‘Bukit Batok,’ this area was known as ‘Sleepy Valley.’ The transition to its current name owes much to the origins of Little Guilin.

Little Guilin’s Granite Quarry Past

As part of the Little Guilin history, this was once a bustling granite quarry. The disused quarry, once flooded with rainwater, caught the attention of the Housing Development Board (HDB), inspiring them to transform it into a park in 1984.

The Inspiration: Guilin in China

The name ‘Little Guilin’ stems from its striking resemblance to Guilin in China. For those seeking a grander experience, consider adding the original Guilin to your travel list.

How Little Guilin Shaped Bukit Batok

The granite quarrying activities in Little Guilin are to thank for Bukit Batok’s name, which translates loosely to ‘Coughing Hills’ in Malay. This moniker originated from the dust storms caused by the quarrying operations.

The quarrying operations primarily mined Gombak Norite, a crucial material for building stones, facing stones, and cemetery markers. Who knows, your own walls might house fragments of this iconic rock.

Little Guilin: The TV Star

Local drama enthusiasts will remember the stunning backdrop of Little Guilin from ‘The Return of the Condor Heroes.’ This scenic beauty has certainly played a part in our local entertainment history.

Is Little Guilin Singapore Haunted?

Delving into the stories of the Little Guilin ghost, urban legends abound. Some believe that spirits of quarry workers still haunt the park. Despite these tales, the well-lit park offers a peaceful atmosphere, inviting visitors for late-night strolls or exercise.

Access to Little Guilin

Situated next to Bukit Gombak Stadium, Little Guilin is a mere five-minute walk from the nearest MRT station. Whether you prefer a brisk walk or the comfort of a bus ride, this peaceful oasis is easily accessible.

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