10 Facts About the New Power Rangers Movie You Really Should Know


Power Rangers have been a major part of so many people’s childhoods, and ever since the new film was announced, the hype train never stopped. Are you hyped up for morphin’ time? Because we certainly are. Here are 10 facts about the film you should probably know before the film finally releases.

1. Release Date

Oh yeah, this is probably the most important information regarding the upcoming film. It’s 23 March! Mark the date down in your calendars, because it’s only about 2 weeks away from now. Maximum hype!

2. 3rd Film

The upcoming film is the 3rd one to ever grace the big screen, after the previous films in 1995 and 1997. After 20 years since the last film, one more is finally coming, but this time as a reboot and not connected to the previous films in any way.

3. Costumes

As the film will be a modern reboot instead of a continuation of the old beloved series, the Rangers’ costumes will be updated to look more futuristic as well. Instead of the iconic spandex from the TV series in the 90’s, the new Power Rangers will be donning futuristic alien crystal armor.

4. Lots of References to Source Material

The director knows he’s dealing with greatly beloved material here, and he’s filled the film with references to the original series. There are already a ton of references in the trailer itself. For example, the Angel Grove High logo used in the film is the same one used in the 1993 series, and in Trini’s bedroom there’s a window with the original Yellow Ranger power coin design.

5. Lots, and Lots of References

The film references don’t stop at the original series. In Angel Grove, the fictional town where the rangers reside, are street signs labelled “Reefside” and “Ocean Bluff Rd”.

These are named after the cities where the series Power Rangers DinoThunder (2004) and Power Rangers Jungle Fury (2008) are set in respectively. Also, at one point Trini’s shirt reads 1973, which happens to be the year the original actress for Trini was born.


6. Zordon’s Actor

The actor for Zordon (the large alien disembodied head who gave the rangers their powers) in the new film, Bryan Cranston, voiced the monsters Twin Man and Snizzard in the original 1993 series. You might know him better as the actor for Walter White in the series Breaking Bad.

7. New Black Ranger

The Black Ranger appearing in the new film, Zack Taylor, got rebooted hard from the original Zack. In the 1993 series, he was played by Walter Jones, a black guy. In the 2017 film, he’s going to be played by Ludi Lin, a Chinese guy. Considerations for racism?

8. New Blue Ranger

Consequently, the Blue Ranger got changed as well. In the original series, the Blue Ranger, Billy Cranston, was a white guy, and to keep the presence of a black dude in the team, the new Billy Cranston will be played by RJ Cyler, a black man. On a side note, Billy Cranston was named after Bryan Cranston, the actor for Zordon in the upcoming film.

9. VR Experience

The new film isn’t pulling any punches. As part of the marketing effort, there is going to be a VR app called Power Rangers: Zords Rising, where users can feel like they are one of the Rangers. The full functionalities of the app only work with the newest mobile VR platforms, however, so you’ll need a good phone.

10. Giant Dinosaur Zords

Speaking of Zords, there are definitely going to be Zords in the film. It’s not a Power Rangers film without Zords. And the film is promising to deliver big on the Zords front. The giant robot/vehicles in this film are going to be giant dinosaurs. That’s bound to get kids, and people who used to be kids, excited.

After all this talk and hype about the upcoming Power Rangers reboot, are you even more excited than before? I know I am. Hopefully, the film lives up to all these expectations, and (touch wood) not flop like some of the other film adaptations/reboots. (*ahem* Avatar *ahem*)

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