10 Facts About Romeo Tan That Show Why He’s The New Ah Ge


Last Updated on 2017-07-24 , 4:00 pm

If you are a regular in watching Channel 8 dramas, you would surely have heard of Romeo Tan, the man who has captured the heart of many.

With his manly physique and charming smiles, he has certainly gained popularity through his various dramas, as well as his big break on Star Search. With his rise to stardom, it is a no wonder he’s our new Ah Ge!

1. Age

Take a look at his face, does he look like he is 31 years old? I mean, he still looks so young and charming, much less than his actual age!

2. Relationship

He has no qualms making his relationship public. However, it depends on which stage of his career he is at. Right now, his priority goes to focusing on work and taking care of his fans. Such a dedicated artist, we say!

3. Official Fan Club

Yeap you’ve guessed it, it’s called “The Juliet Club, named after “Romeo and Juliet”. All his female fans must be really proud to call themselves Juliets. Romantic!

4. His Chinese Name

Which brings me to my next point- his Chinese name. The fact that his Chinese name was directly translated into 陈罗密欧 captured many’s attention. Pretty unique, if you ask me!

 5. Star Search

He rocketed to fame after participating in the 10th season of a televised local competition, Star Search. He even emerged fourth, making quite an impression on his female audiences. What a charm!

6. Weight loss

Romeo Tan lost 20kg during his days in ITE. 20 kg! He ran six times a week and controlled his diet in an effort to transform himself positively. Known to be rebellious as a kid, he became more hardworking and worked hard to pursue his diploma in Nanyang Polytechnic. Passion works wonders!

7. Tumultuous Times

Tumultuous Times was one of the lowest points in his life. During filming, the director and producer had no problems with his speech. He had only learned how his enunciation was like when it was broadcasted. This resulted in negative feedback on social media, making him upset and depressed for awhile.

8. Odd Jobs

He used to take up a lot of odd jobs while he was studying. Jobs such as giving out flyers, working in McDonald’s; you name it, he’s done it. Rag to riches story? You bet.

9. “Cable Guy”

Which brings me to the next point on one of his odd jobs; another low point in his life when he was a “cable guy”. While he was fixing one of a flat owner’s internet connections, he received a hurtful comment. He simply complimented her chair as being “comfortable”, yet she told him that he was able to buy it when he earns more money in the future. Ouch, lady, why you gotta be so rude?

But then again, he’s now having the last laugh, so it might be true that sometimes, we need a spark to motivate us!

10. Taking things with a pinch of salt

He is no longer the “free, happy soul” he once was during his rookie days. When he first started out, Romeo would come to work feeling happy. However, into his second or third year at showbiz, things changed and he has since learned how to take everything with a pinch of salt.

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