10 Facts About UberFlash, The Offspring of the Uber / ComfortDelGro ‘Marriage’


Uber has changed our lives for the better, with its efficiency and reliability over the last few years and now they are going to up the ante by working together with ComfortDelGro.

If you have no clue what I am blabbering about, let me break it down to you since we would like you to learn something new every day.

1) You can book ComfortDelGro taxis via Uber

Yes, from 19 Jan, you can book ComfortDelGro taxis through Uber, under a new option—UberFlash.

2) It was bound to happen

Last year, ComfortDelGro announced their partnership with Uber, acquiring a 51% stake in Uber’s Lion City Rental.

3) What does that mean to us

Well, with this brilliant merger, we would have shorter waiting time as there would be more vehicles at their disposal.


4) How many are many?

Well, if you want figures—according to an article by The Straits Times, ComfortDelGro has 14,3000 taxis and Uber has 14,000 cars, summing up to a total of 28,3000 cars!

Told you, there will be lesser waiting time!

5) It is similar to JustGrab

Just like it’s competitor, UberFlash will dispatch the nearest ComfortDelGro taxi or Uber car to you.

6) The rates

The Straits Times quoted a newspaper notice put up by ComfortDelGro—the base fare starts from $3, with a per kilometre rate of $0.45

Well, is it cheaper than the metered rates by ComfortDelGro?

Image: Tenor GIF Keyboard

Yes, as the metered rates start with a base fare of between $3.20 and $ 3.90, with a per kilometre rate of $0.55 for the first 10km and $0.63 per kilometre subsequently.

7) What about ComfortDelGro customers?

The loyal ComfortDelGro customers do not need to download the Uber app as they can continue to book their cabs via ComfortDelGro’s hotline or app.

8) What if you’re late?

The same rule applies for UberFlash—you will be charged a fee if you’re late to meet your assigned drivers, a $0.20 per minute charge after the waiting time of three minutes and a charge of $6 if you cancel the booking after five minutes.

Image: imgur.com

9) Thoughts

We all know about the surging of fares, especially when there are only a handful of Uber cars in the vicinity. However, will that soon change?

With a fleet of cars at their disposal, wouldn’t the rates drop, inherently affecting the driver’s earnings?

10) More details

An Uber spokesman will share more details about this exciting new feature, The Straits Times reported.


So we will have to wait and see!

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