10 Facts About Yole, The Brand That’s ‘Taking Over’ Llao Llao


Last Updated on 2020-02-21 , 9:08 am

Singapore is faced with another shutdown of a well-loved food chain this year—the first one being Gong Cha which returned after a few months—Llaollao will be ceasing its operation by today. It is being taken over by Yole. Before you say, “what in the freaking world is a Yole?”, let me ease your confusion.

Here are 10 facts about Yole, the froyo brand that’s ‘taking over’ llaollao.

1) Goodbye llaollao

Before we talk about Yole, let’s have a moment of silence.

I still remember when I first tried llaollao; I was disappointed, to say the least.

Can someone please bring Frolick back?

The company behind Llaollao, D+1 Holding, did not mention as to why they will no longer continue to franchise the yoghurt chain, CNA reported.

Okay, it was fun while it lasted.

Time for the star to shine.

2) Yole

D1+ Holding might have terminated its franchise with Llaollao, but that is not going to stop them from bringing another froyo chain to our shores.

The company has acquired the rights to European frozen yoghurt chain Yole, which will be replacing all of the llaollao outlets.

Taste Yolé, Taste the Artisan of Taste

Posted by Yole Singapore on Tuesday, 5 December 2017

3) How do you pronounce it?

I am pretty sure everyone will be saying “Yole” at least once a day in the coming weeks.

Since Goody Feed believes in educating our audience, here is a short lesson on how to pronounce the moniker of the newly-minted froyo chain.

It is pronounced as “yo-lay” and not “yo-el”.

Now, you can pretend to be a person of sophistication and impress your friends.


4) All of the stores will be replaced

As I mentioned, all of the Llaollao outlets will soon disappear from existence.

But how many?

The magic number is 29.

Soon you will see Yole at all these places:

  • 313@Somerset #B3-55
  • Ang Mo Kio MRT #01-08
  • Bedok Mall #01-40
  • Bugis+ #03-27
  • Capitol Piazza #B2-29
  • Causeway Point #B1-K28
  • Clementi Mall #01-11
  • Compass One #01-24
  • HDB Hub #01-07
  • Hillion Mall #B1-45
  • Hougang Mall #01-15
  • Jurong Point #03-29/30
  • Marina Bay Sands #B2-56A
  • Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel #01-K2
  • Northpoint #01-56
  • NTU South Spine Blk SS3-B4-03
  • One@KentRidge #01-37
  • Parkway Parade #B1-83J
  • Plaza Singapura #01-22A
  • Raffles City #B1-70
  • Suntec City #02-313
  • Tampines Mall #B1-K18
  • Tanjong Pagar Centre #B2-01
  • Tiong Bahru Plaza #01-159
  • United Square #01-K14
  • Vivocity #02-133
  • Waterway Point #01-63
  • Westgate #03-02
  • Westmall #01-K6
  • Wisma Atria #B1-02

5) What can you expect?

What can you expect in a froyo store?


Umm, I don’t know, maybe froyo?

Image: giphy.com

The menu isn’t too far off from Llaollao’s.

You can expect flavoured froyos, smoothies and toppings—which will change weekly—sourced from Italy and Spain.


Image: yoleweb.com

6) Coconut Soft Serve

Image: yoleweb.com

Apart from their froyos, they also will be serving coconut-based ice-cream. So vegans can enjoy Yole too without feeling guilty!

7) Prices

Yes, the most important thing of all—how much is it uh?


According to CNA, prices range from $2.50 to $6.95 for tubs and smoothies.

Your typical froyo price, if you ask me.

8) It has already been in Asia

This is not Yole’s first home in Asia. I checked out the website and it has four outlets in Taiwan.

9) Can Yole truly replace Llaollao?

One thing I have learnt from the Gong Cha and LiHo situation is that Singaporeans are very loyal when it comes to their food.

I am sure they love LiHo, but judging from the crowd at Singpost—they truly missed the former.


A spokesperson from D+1 Holding said, “Objectively, we believe Yole is a better product and has a wider menu. We also firmly believe that Yole will suit the Singapore market with exciting flavour innovations and well-known toppings from Spain and Italy”.

10) Thoughts

Only time will tell, but for me, I will forever and always miss Frolick.

But who knows, someone else might buy the franchise and bring Llaollao back.

Everyone loves a comeback.