10 fascinating facts about Universal Studios S’pore that’ll make you go there this weekend


Last Updated on 2016-06-22 , 11:07 am

You may be able to boast of the countless times you have been to Universal Studios Singapore in the last few years. I mean, who isn’t able to do that? Ever since the theme park came to fruition, many a Singaporean has made it a point to spend special occasions and weekends there to celebrate the fact that our little sunny island finally got our very own fun land. But after so many visits, do you know these 10 fascinating facts about Universal Studios Singapore (or USS as we call the place affectionately), and have you noticed them before?

Have you noticed those names on the windows?
Apparently these names belong to the people who helped build the park and this was Universal Studios’ way of saying thank you to them for all their hard work. Keep a look out for them when you are next at USS.

Jurassic Park Visitor Centre
Many of us watched Jurassic Park and were taken in by the scientific grandeur of the Visitor Centre in the very first movie. But did you know that the food court in Lost World is a complete model of the place, complete with a full-sized T-Rex right smack in the middle? You didn’t right? Now you do.

Our Battlestar Galactica is the tallest duelling roller coaster IN. THE. WORLD.
Can you believe it? At a height of 42.5m high, the Battlestar Galactica is 14 storeys high and a ride on it is guaranteed to send you screaming for dear life. Just hold on tight and you should be fine.

The New York Public Library
It is really interesting to note that the one we have in USS is the only amongst the rest of the Universal Studios in the world to be 3D. Yes! The rest are just 2D, even the one in the States. Come, let’s give a clap to USS .

Want to hold a special birthday celebration at USS?
Tucked away in the Far Far Away Castle is a secret room that people can book for special occasions such as birthdays and even proposals. If you intend to have a really small solemnization, this place may even cut it for something really special. Try and see if you can locate it the next time you are somewhere around that area.

King Julien’s abode
Are you a fan of King Julien from Madagascar? I know I am. He and his minions never fail to crack me up. And if you are a fan, you will know that huge tree he lives in with the rest of the lemurs right? Do you know that that very tree can be found at the Madagascar section of USS, complete with the hanging skeleton? You do now.

Hollywood Walk of Fame
Try counting the number of stars on the ground the next time you visit USS. There should be 59 of them, a number that cannot be compared to the 2,300 that exists on the real Hollywood Walk of Fame in, well, Hollywood.

A birthday surprise just for you
A little digression but if you are at USS on your birthday, you can actually go to the Guest Services Lobby to redeem a small gift. With a birthday present from USS, you can be sure you will be looking forward to the next visit even before you leave the park for the day.

Mel’s Drive-In
If you haven’t realised it yet, the diner is modelled after actual building from George Lucas; “American Graffiti”. In fact, all the buildings in the Hollywood zone are exact replicas of the actual thing in the States. Amazing isn’t it? Now if only they replicate the stars too.

KT’s Grill
Because we are so used to the names in theme parks to be character names or actor/actresses names, most of us would have brushed past KT’s Grill and thought, “It probably is the name of some character resonant with Universal Studios.” Nope. ‘KT’ actually stands for Kok Thay who also happens to be the Genting Group’s chairman. That’s Mister Tan Sri Lim Kok Thay to all of us.

Top Image: Hatchapong Palurtchaivong / Shutterstock.com