10 Features Grab Has That S’poreans Probably Don’t Know About


So I know this can still be a sore spot for many people.

Uber is gone. For good.

And Grab is here to stay.

Image: gifimage.net

But it’s not all rain, gloom and doom.

Grab is trying to reach out to make this transition easier for everyone and provide new services that will benefit the public.

We know that people who have switched over to the Grab app are facing some difficulty navigating the app.

We also know that people still are not too sure about all the Grab rewards and incentives there are.

We want to help you guys out, so we’ve made a list of 10 Grab features you should know about!

Also, this is not sponsored by Grab.This is suggested by a colleague who used to Uber, but now is using Grab and wondered what are all the “points” he’s receiving.

But I wouldn’t mind being sponsored because lord knows your girl doesn’t earn enough to be Grabbing everywhere.

And yet, I still do. So Grab, help a sister out.


1. Points System

Okay, let me clarify this once and for all.

When you take a Grab, you earn points from your ride.

You’ve probably seen that alert pop up on your app or email and completely ignored it cuz what is this and I don’t have time to worry about points, right?

But if you click your profile pic on the Grab app, under your name, you can see how many points you’ve collected so far.

And this is important because if you click the option GrabRewards and go to the Grab category, you can use your points to buy a certain dollar amount off your next ride!

For those who don’t want to buy dollar amounts off your ride, you have so many options as to where you want to spend your points!

Food, drinks, shopping and so on!


So yeah, those points are pretty important!

2. Notifications

If you are anything like me and have a tendency to swipe away your Grab notifications from your home screen, you’ve probably been swiping away all the notifications on deals and promotions!

This is where your notifications come in handy.

This is where all the Grab promotions are, with all their details.

You can find promo codes to get a few dollars off your next ride here, as well as be in the loop of the new things added to GrabRewards so you know where you’d want to spend your points!


3. Grab Shuttle

This feature is exclusively for school students and their parents.

And you won’t find this on the main app.

You have to download the GrabShuttle app.

Basically, it works just like a school bus. Or a carpool!

Students and staff heading from a similar location to a particular school will be able to pool together once the app establishes a fixed route.

Image: landtransportguru

You can pay a subscription fee either annually or monthly.

The minimum commitment period will be two months. This feature basically allows parents a cheaper, safer and faster way to get their kids to school!

4. GrabAssist

This is a new feature of Grab that was recently launched to make Grab services accessible to the minority.

GrabAssist hires drivers who have been trained by the Agency for Integrated Care (AIC) to help passengers with mobility issues!

Like senior citizens or people with disability.

Image: Grab

The GrabAssist cars will be able to take wheelchairs, walkers and collapsible scooters.

And the drivers would have been educated and trained on how to transfer passengers from wheelchair to car, and vice versa.

This feature gives inclusivity and dignity, as well as the freedom to be mobile, to people who are limited in their ability to do so!


Good on ya, Grab!

5. GrabFamily

Another new feature launched recently, GrabFamily will provide services similar to Uber Car Seat.

Targeted at families with children that are 4-7 years old, GrabFamily cars come with booster seats that will ensure the child’s protection in case of an accident.

And they only cost 2-4 dollars more than a regular Grab!

Image: ChannelNewsAsia

This is the first of its kind in Southeast Asia, with minifold booster seats being smaller than regular ones but just as safe.

Minifold seats comply with the strict safety regulations of the US, UK and Europe, so parents can now ride with their little ones with a peace of mind!

6. GrabCash VS GrabPay

We all know that for ride-hailing services, the prices are fixed.

So there shouldn’t be a difference between paying by cash or hooking up my card and going cashless right?


For Grab, going cashless is actually cheaper than paying with cash, as almost all of its promo codes are only applicable if you use GrabPay.

And even if there are not many promo codes floating about, Grab is still giving pretty awesome perks for GrabPay customers.

Like discounts on bills at selected merchants.

7. GrabWallet

If you don’t want to hook your card up to the app, but you still want to enjoy the perks, you can top up credits into your Grab Wallet.

Just select the topup option and pay with whichever method you find more convenient and use this mobile wallet whenever you want!

This is especially convenient for those days that you don’t want to bring your wallet out, or if you have forgotten your wallet (or you purposely forget to bring your wallet…#geddit?).

Not only can you use the credits you have stored to pay for your ride, you can also use these credits to buy food and shop!

This feature is seriously a lifesaver. 

8. GrabBenefits

Now, this feature is exclusively for GrabDrivers.

Grab has launched some new features on the Drivers’ app as part of the new Better 365 Scheme.

Image: Grab

Drivers will be able to redeem a meal and/or gift of up to 50 bucks on their birthday month.

Plus, car drivers will be able to get a 25.2% discount on fuel at Shell, and cab drivers will be able to get 24% discount on fuel at Caltex.

And the most important thing, drivers will now be able to get additional insurance coverage as well!

9. GrabHitch

I have heard a lot of people express confusion on how to use GrabHitch and what it is exactly.

GrabHitch is basically a service that allows drivers who are heading in a particular direction to pick up passengers who are also going the same way.

Image: Grab

It is an advance-booking service so you do have to book at least 10 minutes in advance.

You are not always guaranteed a ride.

Drivers are allowed to pick up multiple passengers heading the same way.

So the major perk? GrabHitch is always cheaper than all the other Grab ride options!

10. GrabFood

When Uber left Singapore, many people were left wondering, so what about Ubereats?!

Well, Grab’s got you covered for that too!

It launched GrabFood which pretty much works exactly like how Ubereats did.

Image: QSRMedia Asia

You just need to download the GrabFood app (on top of the Grab app) and log in.

Then, just like Ubereats, browse through all the food options in your area, order and wait!

You can pay for your food through GrabPay or the credits stored in your Grab Wallet.

While you can download the app now, this feature will only launch towards the end of May once Ubereats has run its course.

Prices and participating restaurants will remain the same, so don’t worry!

Grab will also be adding more restaurants to the current list.

Also, my colleague has been seeing Grab advertising to him on Facebook to be a GrabFood driver, so they should be on the lookout for delivery personnel.

Now that is something to look forward to!

So hopefully after reading this, you will have information that will make your Grab user experience better.

And hopefully, this helps you get the most out of using the Grab service!

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